Ali Kochu is the new president of the Club Union Foundation-TRT Spor

Ali Koç, President of the Fenerbahce Club, has been elected President of the Club Union Foundation, which hosts clubs in the Sportoto Super League.

At the regular general meeting held at the Foundation office in Maslak, an election for a vacant chairman was held after the resignation of Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Aoru. Ali Kochu, who ran for election as the only candidate, became president.

After the meeting, former club president Ahmet Aoru and new president Ali Kochu appeared with members of the press.

Ağaoğlu: “It was the process we experienced almost all the problems in the name of football.”

Ahmet Aoru, who moved his job to Ali Koç, also hoped for the success of the new management team, saying:

“We gathered here frequently for about a year. Our football problems have continued to increase, especially over the past few years. Instead of a decrease in extraordinary general assembly after the resignation of the Turkish Football Federation. Held. The broadcast bid did not give the desired result and the center has not yet been signed. The decision made by the referees on March 8 and the subsequent resignation … it was that we experienced almost all the problems. It was a process. The name of football. Our federation has a new president and management on duty. A very strong will was seen in the meeting with him. They were down on Saturday when they took office. The radical decisions they have made show how persistently they have decided. We hope that both President Ali Kochi and his management, as well as President Mehmet Buyukekushi and the Board of Directors of the Turkish Football Federation, will succeed. . God blesses them. “

Ali Koç: “Ağaoğlu came and went on behalf of all of us. He carried heavy loads.”

Meanwhile, Ali Kochu thanked Ahmet Aoru for his service.In my opinion, Ağaoğlu presided over the Foundation during the strangest season in history. But he is always on behalf of us to meet the needs of all clubs. He came and went on behalf of all of us. He carried heavy luggage. He set a very high standard in this strange environment. So, congratulations to all of us. Ağaoğlu has accepted to join our new board of directors. Hopefully our new board will raise the bar even higher with our new federation. God helps us. ” He said.

Here’s a statement about the new TFF management: “A few days of performance is promising.”

Ali Koç explained that the Turkish football problem is becoming more chronic every day.“Mr. Ağaoğlu held a meeting with our new federation on our behalf. The performance displayed in the first few days is promising in the future. This new federation has an approach and It’s as if it takes a position to meet the club and the needs of the club. This is very important to us. “No matter how much contact we had with the previous federation, we couldn’t move forward. These 2 ~ Even the distance covered in three days is very important in itself. When it comes to football in Turkey, we all have a good way. Find your chance. ” I used the phrase.

“(Broadcast bidding) Even if it’s the best in this environment, we’re far behind what we deserve.”

Kochi said of the measures that the Turkish Football Federation should take regarding broadcast bidding:

“Even if we are at their best in this environment, we are far behind what we deserve. This is not a problem caused by the current federation. There is a new sporting law, which is us. But while Kovid-19, exchange rates, inflation and big clubs have other income, Anatolian clubs have 80-90% income from publishers in the last two. There was a € 100 million discount annually. The club is being used as a tool for that, so the point achieved by Mr. Buyukekushi and his team is, “I hope their ideas come true. The number of agreements with publishers will be the highest at the moment. Get ready for your next bid starting today and make your brand value much higher, or compete in Europe with these numbers. Seems very impossible. “

“It’s time to take responsibility”

Regarding his decision to run for president of the Club Union Foundation, Ali Kochu said, “It’s time to take responsibility. I have expressed it. Thankfully, our club has also shown favor. We. Participated as a single candidate. It doesn’t matter. It’s important who the president is and what the union does. ” I made that evaluation.

Became the 13th president

Ali Kochu became the 13th president of the Club Union Foundation.

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