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Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Kochi said:“When we focus on something, other clubs can’t easily take that player away from us.” Said.

Fenerbahçe president Ali Koci, who beat Yucatel Kayserispor 2-0 in the fifth week of the Sportoto Super League, gave a briefing to reporters about the armed attack and TFF’s move to Galatasaray.

Noting that games are always stopped by referees in Turkey, Koc said: “We are watching the game in Europe. Half the fouls played here are not played. The game is always stopping. We need to find a solution to this problem. Crushed Crespo throughout the match.He didn’t show his cards.Therefore, the general referee needs to speed up the flow of the match and contribute to the duration of the match.”Whoever catches the ball falls to the ground.” , yells at the referee. I’m not speaking specifically for the game, but for football in general. Tonight I saw in both the stands and on the field the enthusiasm we had missed and wanted . He said.

“The culprit of the attack we received is still unknown…”

Expressing his hope that the attacks against the Turkish Football Federation and the island of Galatasaray will not be repeated, President Koç, recalling that the armed attack in Trabzon remains unresolved, issued the following statement:


“Similar to yesterday’s attack on Galatasaray, we would like to see the very strange attack on the Turkish Football Federation as an event that will never be repeated. We hope the incident will be clarified as soon as possible.” and our security unit acted very quickly. The attack carried out during the trip of still remains a perpetratorless attack, a situation that does not suit the Republic of Turkey a year and a half ago. is an unacceptable situation for us. It will be a dark night for Turkish football if the killer hits the target. Therefore, I would like to remind you again.”

“I think our biggest competitor is our own community.”

Ali Koç said his fans were caught up in the negative atmosphere created for the yellow and dark blue team on social media. “We have finished week 4. After four weeks we know that Fenerbahçe’s biggest rival is our own community. The atmosphere created last week is as if we can’t be champions once the league is over. We finished the league in a very bad way.” We know very well who fueled this, but what interests me is our own community. Our community. I think the atmosphere created, especially on social media, is a big question mark after I got caught up in this outrage.used the word “

“Weghorst was recommended to us but didn’t fit the teacher’s profile. Didn’t get Maxi Gomez”

Talking about claims that Fenerbahçe also wanted Uruguayan footballer Maxi Gomez, Trabzonspor tied it with his colors, Kochi said.I came from overseas today. Some newspapers write with irony. Because this is an opportunity transfer. None Trabzonspor posts about us. No, score before the striker arrives. If you ask your teacher, they will tell you. Wegorts was also recommended to us. Did not match professor profile. Maxi Gomez was recommended to us. We agreed last Sunday. Valencia gave us his 48 hours. After 48 hours, we were unable to convince the teacher. On Tuesday, we said, ‘We won’t continue, let’s see if there are other options instead of blocking your way.’ This doesn’t mean Maxi Gomez is a good or bad soccer player. Maybe he will do great things. May Allah reveal his way. As real as the fact that Travonspor snatched Maxi Gomez against our wishes and Trabzon won eight championships. I follow these beliefs of the fans and their negative psychology We need to stop being fans of matches and fight for championships together.” I made that assessment.

“It was one of the three profiles I gave my coach Batshuayi… Fans of Fenerbahçe, wake up…”

Fenerbahçe fans have high hopes for the move, said Koc.This is one of the three profiles I gave to Dr. Batshuayi. No, how did he wait 2.5 months if buying. This is the Batshuayi price 1.5 months ago. Our teacher wanted someone who could quickly apply pressure and score goals with explosive features. Nottingham Forest were unable to produce the paperwork, so he transferred such a player. Fans of Fenerbahçe, wake up. Don’t you understand? Your manager, your president, never said we will take this, we will take this. Other teams His manager is always saying, ‘I’ll do it, I’ll do it’. Some do, some don’t. No one asks what they don’t have. they don’t speak As for us, they attribute to us those who do not come out of our mouth. Then they put us in a position we couldn’t get.he spoke

“The belief that Ronaldo will come to Turkey is far from the truth.”

Following the news of Cristiano Ronaldo joining the Yellow Dark Blue squad, President Ali Koch issued the following statement:

“Are these people news from the world of math, finance and football? Believing that Ronaldo can come to Turkey is far from the truth. This happens all the time. Fans’ expectations are high.” If not, we’ve come to a position where we can’t do that either. I was told that the deal also expires six hours before transfers close in England.I’m packing my bags to go to Istanbul. May., “I’m going to Fenerbahce. I’ll play for Fenerbahce.” The only question mark is what kind of reflexes our community will exhibit. Logic should not change. ”

“When we focus on something, no other club can easily take that player away from us.”

Kochi emphasized that the players Fenerbahçe wants cannot be easily acquired by other teams.If I’m not mistaken, there are three more at this point. Of course I will. There are still many countries with open transfer markets. We are still talking to some of them. We don’t say ‘accept, we are negotiating this’. I will let you know when I get it. When we set our hearts on something, other clubs cannot easily take that player away from us. There are many such examples. ” made a statement.

“We need to show patience to referees and federations.”

Ali Kochi said he should show patience with referees and the new structure of the federation. “Looking at the appointments, there is something strange about the algorithm. In yesterday’s match it was stated that there were not two open penalties. We need to show patience to referees and federations. But there is a red light problem. “The longer the game, the more Anatolian teams sleep with the big teams. We have to put an end to this culture.” He said.

“I appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs and the Director General of Security. Please tell me about this matter.”

Saying that he was unable to obtain a response to their application regarding the attack on the Fenerbahçe team’s bus, Ali Koch said:As President of Fenerbahçe, I am amazed that an incident like this could not be resolved with the opportunities our state was given. question its intentions. If the Turkish sport had been successful, can you imagine what it would have been like in the world? At the time, Fenerbahçe did not want to play matches on weekends. Remember we were told the match would be played. In my opinion, the Fenerbahçe case is covered up. that’s my opinion. It is unfair for the Republic of Turkey to leave this issue unresolved. The truth is in the attack on the Commonwealth. I will obey the manager regardless of who is the president of Fenerbahçe. The rulers went as far as Trabzon. They spoke with the relevant authorities. They wanted his EDS record. No answer. Please call the Minister of the Interior. Please call our police chief. Please let me know about this matter. It’s never too late to become enlightened. I applied to EDS records, tintin” was evaluated.

“Kyiv is a team that hosts in the best possible way”

Speaking about the UEFA Europa League group stage opener against Dynamo Kyiv, Koc said:

“It’s a difficult game. It’s Wednesday. There is nothing against Kiev and Ukraine. At the High Council they heard my clear stance on this matter. Thanks to them, they made a statement the next day. I am against the mixing of politics and sports.” We are all against war, but sports should avoid this. and participated in the Olympic Games together. Sports are always for peace. Unfortunately, the association was not good.Sports events in Ukraine. Getting older. Back to the days I miss him. Kiev is the team we host in the best possible way. That’s how the media handles it, that’s our defiance, otherwise if it was organized it would have been the second target even after being eliminated UEFA Was here last week I spoke with some club owners and presidents Clubs should be punished when something like this happens but clubs are not Erlich players should be punished too Hopefully it’s a good draw.Our biggest chance is that the men’s week will be the week of the two European games.Hopefully we can use our luck to our advantage.”