Alhamdulillah, we saved Turkey. Turkey was focused on interest rates and exchange rates.

Minister Nureddin Nebati said Turkey’s exchange rate is now predictable, and that Turkey, which had been focused on interest rates and exchange rates, was bailed out.

Treasury Minister Nureddin Nevati went to Antalya to attend the “TÜG0054K Business Summit Program”.

In his speech, Minister Nevaty reminded us that food VAT was reduced to 1% as part of the fight against inflation.

Minister Nevaty said VAT simplification work is ongoing and that its powerful and dynamic production structure creates new opportunities every day.

“Oil prices have risen, we are aware.”

Turkey states that it is not only producing ceramics, but exists in all technical fields, said Minister Nevati. “Now we are with the unicorn. Turkey’s information technology and green environment are now being talked about in the world. We are a country that has advanced military technology and taken a step forward in advanced technology.

This year, it will exceed its export target of $ 250 billion. We overcome the difficulties. We are aware that oil prices are rising. We recognize that it has a negative impact on foreign trade and inflation. We don’t hide them, but we never retreat from the struggle. We continue to move forward by creating jobs for the labor market. Foreign investors continue to view Turkey as a credible and profitable country. Continue Turkey’s economic model. “ Said.

“What we saw, it shows that the exchange is stable.”

Minister Nevaty said he had secured financial stability and eliminated concerns about TL savings and encouraging KKM to attack currencies. “Remember that there will be a war next to you, the exchange rate is unpredictable. The Fed makes a statement, the exchange rate is unpredictable. What we have experienced and seen in the last few months is the exchange rate. It shows that the rate is now stable. It also has a positive effect on the economy as a whole. Trust your currency. In the future, the risk will be eliminated. The initial risk will be improved. Remember to be in Turkey, with confidence in the future. I made a statement.

Nureddin Nebati: Saved Alhamdulillah # 2, Turkey, which was focused on interest rates and exchange rates

“Alhamdulillah We save the economy sought after in the focus of interest and exchange.”

Minister Nabati continued his remarks with the following words:

“Alhamdulillah saved the Turkish economy, which was stuck in a shallow area with interest rate and exchange rate focus. Inflation is our struggle area. We are the Price Stability Commission, the Food Commission, the economy. They continue to coordinate and take measures to ask what financial measures you are taking against inflation.

Last month, we quickly reduced VAT to 1% and electric VAT from 18% to 8%. We have sought to provide a gradual transition in all kinds of areas. We will continue to take tax measures.

Nureddin Nebati: Alhamdulillah VIDEO saves Turkey from the focus of interest rates and exchange rates

Nureddin Nebati: Saved Alhamdulillah # 3, Turkey, which was focused on interest rates and exchange rates

“It’s very sweet to be a young, businessman, businesswoman in this country.”

We also take important steps to simplify all the complex and uncalculable methods of VAT and simplify their tax rates. Our work is ongoing. Never give up on production. Apply KGF seriously. It provided 60 billion TL of space, but with one condition. That is, all the loans you receive are focused on production.

Don’t invest in dollars. Technology production, export, investment. Being young, being a businessman, being a business woman in this country is so sweet and beautiful … a business waiting for a business return in 8-10 years next to the country that expects them. What does it mean to be a man? Will it change in 40 to 50 years?

Nureddin Nebati: Saved Alhamdulillah # 4, Turkey, which was focused on interest rates and exchange rates

Economy can see the future

“The economy is looking to the future. Life is about facing difficulties and standing strong. It’s not about acting in someone’s negative mood. Look in the mirror and devour yourself. When we see, we continue to say excitement, energy, power, faith, stability, flags, homeland, country. We are experiencing these things. Don’t worry.

The 21st century is our century. I say stubbornly, there were people who didn’t believe, even they would say they won. The income of this country is sufficient for pessimists, sufficient for pessimists, and sufficient for non-believers. Alhamdulillah, we are citizens of a very deep and powerful country. “

Nureddin Nebati: Saved Alhamdulillah # 5, Turkey, which was focused on interest rates and exchange rates

Nureddin Nebati: Saved Alhamdulillah # 6, Turkey, which was focused on interest rates and exchange rates