Alg Spor grows a new star in Turkish sports

A protocol signed between Governor Gaziantep, the metropolitan area, the ALG Sports Club and Adil Saniko Nucol Sports High School will allow young girls to participate in the sport.
Gaziantep ALG Spor, one of the most successful sports clubs in the country, as well as Gaziantep, is now confidently walking towards the T. Women’s Football Super League championship. Sports at a ceremony held at the Festival Park for girls. A protocol agreement has been signed with Adil Saniko Nucol Sports High School to strengthen the infrastructure and infrastructure. Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul and Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Shahin have expressed pride in the Sarigri team, which is becoming a club in the world.
A new star is brought to Turkish sports
The main purpose of this project is to give children a healthy personality and personality that is well-balanced in terms of body, mind, morals, spirit and emotions, the power of free and scientific thinking, and a broad view of the world. , Respect for human rights, and give value. A protocol agreement has been signed in collaboration with Adil Sani Konukoğlu Sports High School and ALG Sports Club as an infrastructure to train students as constructive and productive individuals. The goal in this direction is to build a women’s football infrastructure in Gaziantep, the region and across the country, cultivate and explore talented young women’s football players and get them involved in national sports. Was done.
Proud of ALG Spor
At the signing ceremony of the Protocol at the Festival Park, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul said, “ALG Spor is doing an important and successful job. We are proud of ALG Spor. We hope that the agreement will allow our young girls to participate in the sport and for the rest of the match, the successful and proud ALG Spor will succeed and return to our city with a championship trophy. increase.”
“ALGSpor Big Club”
Mayor Fatma Shahin, who focuses on the importance of women’s football, said he was pleased with the success of ALG Spor, “I think ALG Spor is doing a good job, frankly. It’s a great club and It’s shown in its performance. I’m always with them in the finals. I wish them success. I hope the agreement of this protocol will help the sport in our city, “he said.
President Ali Gözcü promises championship
Ali Gezkyu, president of the Gaziantep ALG Sports Club, one of the key shareholders of women’s football celebrities, has promised to become the champion in a statement at the signing ceremony of the Protocol. “The season is successful. We will win the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the finals this week. We hope to win every match and bring the championship trophy to our city. We would like to thank everyone who supported us. We hope that this project will contribute to the development of the youth Gaziantep Sport. To ensure that our city is always at the forefront of sport. I will do my best. ”

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