Alba Berlin, guest of Fenerbahcebeco


Monday, March 28, 2022 17:00

The Fenerbahcebeco Men’s Basketball Team is hosting Alba Berlin in the 21st week (postponed) match of Turkish Airlines’ EuroLeague 2021-22 season. The match, which will take place at the Urquell Sports and Event Hall on Tuesday, March 29, 21.00, will be broadcast live by beIN Sports Haber. A trio of referees from Borys Rhzhyk (Ukraine), Emilio Perez (Spain) and Tomasz Trawicki (Poland) will manage the match.

The latest status of Fenerbahcebeco

Our team played in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague last week for a double match week. Fenerbahcebeco lost to Bitch Basconia 77-62 on Wednesday, March 23. In Fenerbahcebeco, Jan Veselny scored 15 points and Marco Gudric scored 12 points. Our team lost 88-67 in the Barcelona match in Palau Blaugrana on Friday, March 25th. Marko Guduric scored 15 points and וsmet Akpınar scored 11 points in this match. Fenerbahcebeco has scored nine wins after playing 24 games in the EuroLeague.

Fenerbahçe Beko was the last guest of Pınar Karşıyaka on Sunday, March 27th. In Fenerbahce Beco, Meri Mahmutl scored 29 points and Pierriá Henry scored 11 points in Fenerbahce Beco, who lost 74-72 in three points in the last second of the ING Basketball Super League match in Izmir. I got it. Our team took first place in the league with 20 wins in 25 games.

Fenerbahcebeco’s Nando de Colo is injured and will not be able to participate in this tournament.

Ticket sales:

About Alba Berlin:

The German representative, founded as BG Charlottenburg in 1989, was named “Aruba” two years later. Alba Berlin, which began to make a name for itself at the top level in a short period of time, won the Colac Cup in 1995 under the leadership of Sasha Obradvic, Theo Alibegovic and Svetislav Pesic. This victory made Aruba the first German team to win an international trophy.

Alba Berlin’s debut has continued with seven consecutive German league titles since the 1996-97 season. In the process, Aruba gained a permanent position in the EuroLeague and made a name for himself with players such as Wendell Alexis, Henrik Rodol and Marco Pesic.

The Berlin team was included in the last eight teams of the Euroleague in 1997, 1998 and 2000, but also participated in the quarterfinals of the 2001 FIBA ​​Supro League organization.

In 2004 Alba Berlin began its four-season ULEB Cup adventure and won the KK Bosnia match 141-127 in December 2007, which was recorded as the longest match in European basketball history. This match featured just five overtime episodes.

Alba Berlin won the German Cup in 2006 and the German League in 2008. In 2008-09, Alba Berlin reached the top 16 for the first time in the history of the modern EuroLeague and reached a happy ending in the German Cup of the same season. The German national team made it to the final of the EuroCup in 2010, but got stuck in Valencia and missed the chance to win the second European Cup.

Alba Berlin, who later handed over coaching positions to former player Sasha Obradvich, won the German Cup in 2013 and 2014. Alba Berlin’s Reggie Redding, who reached the Euro Cup quarterfinals in 2013-14, was named the second best five in the cup. Aruba was once again stuck in a Valencia obstacle on this lap. Returning to the EuroLeague organization again in 2014-15 and climbing to the top 16, Aruba won significant wins in this round against teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Panati Naikos and Maccabi Tel Aviv. The opponent completed the top 16 rounds with 7 wins and 7 losses and missed the playoff ticket.

Al-Baberlin, who passed the Bayern Munich barrier and won the German Cup again in 2016, lost the German League and the German Cup in 2018 and lost to the Munich team in the final.

Alba Berlin, which experienced a second season under the control of Ait Garcia Renese in 2018-19, was a very successful season. Aruba, who suffered injuries throughout the season, passed Group 5-1 in the first round and Group 7-3 in the second round at EuroCup. The Berlin team, which eliminated Unikahamalaga in the quarterfinals and Morabank Andorra in the semifinals, could not overcome Valencia’s barriers in the finals, as it did in 2010. Aruba’s Aito Garcia Reneses was selected as the coach of this year’s Euro Cup and Luke Sikma was selected as the MVP of this season’s Euro Cup. In the German league, Alba Berlin, who finished third in the regular season 27-7, lost to Bayern Munich 3-0 in the final, but was able to regain their EuroLeague tickets.

Alba Berlin entered the EuroLeague for the first time since 2015 in the 2019-20 season, which was suspended due to a pandemic. Aruba won both the German League and the German Cup in his country in the same season.

Alba Berlin won 12-22 in the EuroLeague in the 2020-21 season while winning the German league championship.

Alba Berlin’s latest status and pre-match notes:

The staff of Alba Berlin, led by Israel Gonzalez, are:

Guards: Jaleen Smith, Maodo Lo, Tamir Blatt, Jonas Matisek, Marte Derou, Marcus Ericsson
Forward: Yovel Zoosman, Louis Olinde, Luke Sikma, Oscar Da Silva, Christopher Tilley, Tim Schneider, Rikus Schulte
Pivots: Ben Lammers, Johannes Thiemann, Christ Koumadje, Kresimir Nikic
Coach: Israel Gonzalez

Alba Berlin has won 10 wins in 24 EuroLeague games this season. Finally, the opponent defeated the Red Star 74-70 hosted on Friday, March 25th. Maodo Lo scored 22 points, Jaleen Smith scored 17 points, and Luke Sikma scored 13 points.

Alba Berlin has won 16 wins in 22 games in the Bundesliga this season. The opponent lost to his last guest, Niners Chemnitz, 81-64 on Sunday, March 27th. The most influential players in this match at Aruba were Oscarda Silva with 18 points and Jalin Smith with 14 points.

Team Statistics-Offense (Fenerbahcebeco-Alba Berlin):

Score: 75.4 – 75.8
Two numbers: 57.1% -51.9%
Three numbers: 33.3% -36.4%
Free throws: 75.5% -77.9%
Rebound: 32.0 – 33.9
Assist: 18.1 – 17.0
Steal: 8.2 – 6.4
Block: 2.0 – 2.1

Team Statistics-Defense (Fenerbahcebeco-Alba Berlin):

Number lost: 74.6 – 79.7
2 Number: 53.6% -55.3%
Three numbers: 34.3% -36.0%
Free throws: 81.6% -77.3%
Rebound: 32.6 – 33.1
Assist: 16.2 – 17.5
Steal: 7.6 – 7.3
Block: 2-1. 2.7 2.7

Statistical Reader (Fenerbahcebeco-Alba Berlin):

Problem: Jan Vesely 13.5 – Maodo Lo 13.3
Rebound: Jan Veselny 6.1 – Luke Shake 6.3
Assist: Pieria Henry 4.0 – Maodo Lo 3.6
Steal: Pieria Henry 1.8 – Luke Spin 1.2
Efficiency: Jan Veselny 17.9 – Maodo Lo 15.0

Past matches:

Fenerbahcebeco has played seven times against rivals in the Euroleague so far. Our team has achieved four wins in these matches.

In the EuroLeague match in Berlin in the first half of the 2021-22 season, the winner was the 84-70 home team. Nando de Colo scored 15 points and Ahmet Duberiolu scored 12 points in this battle. In Alba Berlin, Oscarda Silva scored 22 points, Maodoro 21 and Luke Shikuma scored 13 points.

2021-22 – Regular Season – Alba Berlin 84-70 Fenerbahcebeco
2020-21-Regular Season-Fenerbahcebeco 89-84 Alba Berlin
2020-21-Regular Season-Alba Berlin 89-63 Fenerbahcebeco
2019-20-Regular Season-Alba Berlin 70-74 Fenerbahcebeco
2019-20-Regular Season – Fenerbahçe Beko 107-102 Alba Berlin
2008-09 Regular Season-Alba Berlin 72-63 Fenerbahce Ulker
2008-09 Regular Season – Fenerbahçe Ülker 82-73 Alba Berlin