Alanyaspor wants “Europe”-TRTSpor

The first half of the match at Bahçeşehir Schools Stadium ended goalless.

Host Aytemiz Alanyaspor’de Cristian Borja saw the red card in the 54th minute, leaving 10 players on the team. Alanyaspor was missing, but in the 60th minute he led 1-0 with Famara Diedio.

Wilson Eduardo and Aytemiz Alanyaspor increased their lead to 2 in 1989: 2-0

Home team Daniel Candias declares match score in 90 minutes: 3-0

Aytemiz Alanyaspor, who was eliminated from the Zyrat Turkey Cup during the week, turned to the league to continue his chances of participating in the Europa League.

With this victory over Gaziantep FK, Antalya scored 61 and had a chance to play in the European Cup last week after Medipole Bashakshehir drew 1-1 with GZT Giresunspor. Basakshehir in 4th place came in with 62 points last week.

Gaziantep FK Away Nightmare: 1 win in 19 games

The Gaziantep team scored 43 points.

The Gaziantep team, which disappointed fans in this season’s Super League away match, was able to defeat the demoted Chaikle Rize Spor.

Important moments in the first half

In the 11th minute, Alanyaspor’s Emre Akbaba dropped the ball on Borja outside the opponent’s penalty area. Goalkeeper Mustafa Brak controlled the leather ball in two moves in a shot taken from the point where the soccer player saw the goal from the other side.

In the 23rd minute, Efecan, who won the ball under pressure from the right side, sent a leather ball deep into the penalty area. Diedio’s hard shot from an oblique view of the goal, goalkeeper Mustafa Brak, moved away from the leather ball.

In the 25th minute, Gaziantep’s attack bounced off the ball sent by Oghuz Jaylan from the right corner to the penalty area to goalkeeper Marafona. Sagal wanted to send a leather ball to the back post, while Umut pushed the ball off the line.

In the 45th minute, a long cake thrown from the left side hit the ball, and as soon as Figueiredo entered the penalty area, the leather round he wanted to send to the goalkeeper over Marafona went from top to top. ..

The first half of the match ended 0-0.

An important moment in the second half

In the 54th minute, Gaziantep’s attack from the left side hit the ball outside the opponent’s penalty area with a long pass, and Mirza Cihan remained on the ground after Bolha’s intervention. After the position, Borja will be shown a red card. Referee Baatin Simsek canceled the card after VAR moaned.

Alanyaspor took the lead in the 59th minute. A cake sent by Efecan Karaca from the right side to Emre Akbaba, the soccer player focused the ball from the ground to the penalty area. The leather round touched by Fati Axoy on the front pole met Diedio on the rear pole: 1-0

Figueiredo centered the leather ball in the penalty area of ​​the last line of Gaziantep’s attack from the left side in the 70th minute. Vetley’s shot, the leather round, which met the ball in the penalty area, came out a little further from the top.

In the 73rd minute Gaziantep’s attack, Mendry met the ball that Maxim sent from the middle area behind the opponent’s penalty area and confronted the goalkeeper. Marafona had a ball that Mendry had opened from his foot.

In the 88th minute, Alanyaspor and Efecan Karaca in the middle of the game launched an attack quickly. Oghuz Aydın met the ball from the left side with an intermediate cake sent from near the opponent’s penalty area, but passed the goalkeeper and stole the ball from Tossa.

Alanyaspor increased the difference to 2 in 89 minutes. Efejan Karaja, who met the ball that Oghuz Aydın won in the middle of the game with a quick attack, escaped from the opponent and entered the penalty area from the left. Here Eduardo, a leather ball centered around Efejan Karaja who passed the goalkeeper, sent to the net: 2-0

Eduardo, who met the winning ball in the opponent’s area in the 90th minute, passed the pass to Efejan Karaja in the penalty area. In the middle of this soccer player, Candias brought the ball to the net: 3-0

The home team won the match 3-0.

Meanwhile, before the match, Alanyaspor Club President Hasan Chabshoul presented shields and flowers to Azerbaijani veterans who came to the match as guests of Alanyaspor.

situation: Bahcesehir school

Referee: Baatin Simsec, Atta Ildilim, Semil Tank,

Aytemiz Alanyaspor: Marafona, Juanfran, Furkan Bayır (Min 46 Oğuz Aydın), Fatih Aksoy (Min 76 Mevlja), Borja, Leroy Fer, Umut Güneş, Efecan Karaca, Efkan Bekiroğlu (Min 64 Novais), Emre Akbaba (Min 85 Candeias)

Gaziantep FK: Mustafa Burak Bozan, Oğuz Ceylan, Hallilðbrahim Pehlivan (Min 80 Borven), Ertuğrul Ersoy, Tosça, Vetrih (Min 80 Merkel), Doğan Erdoğan (Min 90 Recep Niyaz), Sagal, Mirza Cihan (Min 66 Mendly) ),

Goal: Minutes. 59 Diedio, Min. 89 Eduardo, Min 90 Candias (Aytemiz Alanyaspor)

yellow card: Minutes. 2 Furkan Bayir, Min. 62 Efkan Bekiroğlu, Min. 83 Emre Akbaba (Aytemiz Alanyaspor), minutes. 33 Haril Ibrahim Perivan, Min 43 Sagal, Min. 85 Toska (Gaziantep FK)