Alanyaspor-Fenerbahce Match (LIVE)


In the 29th week of the Super League, Fenerbahce with 47 points in 4th place and Alanyaspor with 46 points in 5th place share the trump card. Canary, who scored 1 point with 10 players from leader Trabzonspor and 10 points in the last four games of the league, will continue to leave by defeating one of his rivals, Alanyaspor, on his way to second place. I am aiming for. The Akdeniz team, which began with the victory of Konyaspor and Kayserispor, won three out of three in a tough match.

Minutes from the match

4’| In Fenerbahce, Osai Samuel headed to the penalty area from the right side. With Osai Samuel pointing inward, Alanyaspor’s defense intervened in front of Mesut Özil.

6’| Osai Samuel, who met the ball on the right side, moved the pass to Seldal Dulsan, and Seldal Dulsan’s shot from outside the penalty area turned sideways.


9’| Efecan Karaca, hanging behind Alanyaspor’s garrison, played against goalkeeper Altay Bayındır. Efejan Karaja’s kick ended with a side net.

12’| At Alanyaspor, Efecan Karaca stole the ball from the left side, put it inside and landed on the bottom line, with Umt Günesch’s headshot coming backwards from the front pole.

Fenerbahce has come effectively

16’| Fenerbahce Alanyaspor has effectively arrived at the castle. Goalkeeper Marafona saved Mesut Özil’s shot from close range in the penalty area.

20’| In Alanyaspor, Juanfran centered the ball from the right side towards the penalty area, with Fenerbahce’s defense intervening. Efejan Karaja hit a spinning ball on arrival, but goalkeeper Altay Bayındır did not allow the goal.

Altay Bayındır did not allow Alanyaspor

21’| The Alanyaspor effect has arrived. Goalkeeper Altay Bayındır did not allow the goal after the kicks of Umt Günesh and Emre Akbaba.

Fenerbahce takes the lead

Goal | In the 26th minute, Fenerbahce opened the scoring with Diego Rossi’s goal. In Fenerbahce, Altay Bayındır sent a pass to Diego Rossi. Diego Rossi was hanging behind the defense. Rossi sent the ball in front of the goalkeeper.

29’| Emre Akbaba wanted to throw the ball behind the defense and enter the penalty area from the right side. In defense, Attila Szalai brought the ball to the corner at the last moment.

Straight back

32’| Fenerbahce was very close to the goal. Mesut Özil passed the pass to Seldal Dursan next to Alanyaspor after he lost the ball on the way. Seldal Dursan’s shot is back from the pole near the penalty area.

37’| Miguel Crespo, who stole the ball on the left side, went down to the bottom line and made the middle from the ground. The ball hit the defense and headed for the corner.

44’| Alanyaspor approaches the goal. Kim Min-jae intervened while Efejan Karaja tried to hit behind the defense, and goalkeeper Altay Bayındır knocked the ball into the corner at the last moment with a Korean soccer player’s reverse kick.

Results of the first half | The first half of the match was passed with a 1-0 advantage of Fenerbahce.

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When, what channel and what time is the match between Alanyaspor and Fenerbahce?

Volkan Bayarslan oversees the Alanyaspor-Fenerbahce match at the Bahçeşehir Schools Stadium. This is a 90 minute live score follow-up. It started today at 19.00 and was broadcast live on beIN Sports 1.

Alanyaspor-Fenerbahce starting in 11 seconds:

Alanyaspor: Malafona, Fulcan, Awajiem, Milnovich, Juanfran, Taiful, Umut, Efcan, Novais, Efecan, Emre

Fenerbahce: Altay, Min Jae, Serdar Aziz, Szalai, Osayi-Samuel, Crespo, Ozan, Zajc, Mesut Özil, Rossi, Serdar Dursun

Replacement: Berke, Ertuğrul, Sosa, Berisha, Pelkas, Arda, Nazım, Tisserand, Çağtay, Burak

6 missing in the canary

The six players of the Yellow Navy Blue team will no longer be able to play against Alanyaspor. Yandash, who was banned from two games by PFDK, will not be able to play in the team today. Ilfan Kang Kavechi, who received a red card in a Trabzonspor match and was banned in one match, will not be able to participate in the match. In addition to these two players, the injured Ferdi Cadillo will not be able to play in the match. Filip Novák, Luiz Gustavo and Enner Valencia, who were injured in Fenerbahce, also missed the team because they couldn’t play in the match.

“The most important goal is second in the league.”

Ismail Cartal, technical director of Fenerbahce, emphasized that his team showed successful performance in the last period. An experienced coach said he would like to finish the league in 2nd place and get a Giants tree visa as before, saying, “To reach 2nd place in the league, you need to survive the Alanyaspor match. It’s the most important goal. “The experienced coach continued his words, pointing out that the names and goals of the athletes are no longer important to them.

I’m going to play a fierce game. “

“The field results we’ve achieved in the last few weeks have been very pleasing to our fans, but we still have no goals to achieve. For this we have to win all the remaining games, especially Alanyaspor. The tough 90 Minutes are waiting for us. A fierce match against one of the most important opponents on the way to 2nd place. As I said before, the player’s determination and spirit to win will give me victory. Gives us great hope. “

12th promise with Alanyaspor

Fenerbahce and Alanyaspor will be in their 12th match in the Super League. Fenerbahce won five of the 11 games played between the two teams since the 2016-2017 season, Alanyaspor won three, and three ended in a draw. Fenerbahce aired 18 times in these games and Alanyaspor scored 12 goals. In the match in Alanya, each team won two wins. Equality was not broken in one match.

Alanyaspor locked to target

Fenerbahce’s Alanyaspor thinks nothing but a win in the match. Francesco Farioli students, on the other hand, rely on their recent achievements against the Istanbul team. Alaniya has been undefeated in the last nine games. The Akdeniz team achieved 5 wins and 4 draws. By the way, before the critical match, Fati Axoi, Daniel Candias and Famara Diedio will not be able to play in Alanya due to injury.