AKP Spokesperson Omer Celic: Agrees to UN Sanctions

AKP spokesperson Omer Celic held a press conference at party headquarters regarding the FMC meeting. Çelik began his speech at Diyarbakır Mothers.

Mr. Cherik said the international human rights group did not include Dyalbakr’s mother on the agenda. “It is a pity that Dyalbakir’s mother does not participate in the human rights group’s subject, which divides the paragraphs of each subject. An example. ”

Explanation of “harassment penalty”

“We will take steps to regulate harassment. Penalties for physical or communicative harassment will be six months to two years. Intentional killings,” Zeki yuk said, noting that he also appreciated the judicial reforms at VQA. In the case of crimes such as VQA, all of this was discussed at VQA within the scope of judicial reform so that women who were victims of harassment could obtain free lawyers from the bar association as needed. Will heal many wounds if implemented. ”

“With the consent of the parties, we are ready to create a diplomatic forum.”

An AKP spokesperson said President Erdogan shared his views on diplomatic activities at the VQA meeting, saying, “As a party, we are pleased that the current ceasefire has come to fruition. The roadmap presented by the president is permanent. To ensure peace. If the party accepts it, he is ready to lay the foundation for diplomacy. ”

“A statement that Germany will be armed, the end of Switzerland’s neutral nation, and the dysfunction of large institutions have shown that there is a quest for a more comprehensive order that has broken the seams of the existing order,” said Serrick. I have. “

“Here we can’t teach the European Union enough about diplomacy, and we see that the diplomacy that Turkey has produced is of great value to the EU. This would not be possible without Turkey. The Macron dead, who say NATO is the brain, are trying to strengthen NATO’s wings. Turkey’s capabilities say, “Our admiring allies continue to impose bans on defense. I have. ”

“We participate in UN sanctions, we are far from it.”

“It’s one thing to oppose Russia’s occupation of Ukraine and to create hatred for Russian culture and people,” Cherik said of the ongoing witch-hunting of Russian artists in Europe. I warned European countries. ” ..

Mr. Cherik expressed his opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying, “Attitudes that destroy the territorial integrity of any country are never accepted. We oppose this. At the same time, it is realistic here. We also need to address Russia’s security concerns. ”

Cherik said Turkey’s approach to implementing Montreux is highly regarded around the world.

Regarding sanctions, he said, “We agree with UN sanctions,” and emphasized that Seri is far from other sanctions.

“There is no problem with food”

In response to the journalist’s question, Çelik said:

Israeli President’s Visit: Our bilateral relations are broken. Let’s look at the steps to take after this meeting. Prior to the Ukrainian crisis, the place of crisis in the world was the Mediterranean. All of them are on the agenda of Turkey and Israel, including regional cooperation.

Inflation: I thought that should never be said. Such a ridiculous statement. Again, he should not try to send a message to Turkey through mediation in another state. What a wrong statement! If you have something to say, you say it. Discussing here with reference to what other states have done has nothing to do with political prudence. This is political prudence.

Oil Stock Issues: We are working on these issues on a regular basis at FMC. We are in a period of serious turmoil in the global supply chain. In this regard, our esteemed president examines the small news received in the most detailed way. However, the ministers I saw in the previous case made clear statements. They say there is no confusion in the foods mentioned.

Visit of Greek Prime Minister Mitsutakis: Greek files are comprehensive. There are many problems, especially from gas exploration research to the Aegean Sea problem. Greece needs to understand this. We are neighbors and can answer these questions. The entire issue is discussed, from the continental shelf issue to the weapons of the islands.