AKP is aiming for one person’s rule even in sports.

Kenan Nuhut, CHP Chairman’s Chief Adviser and Sports Commission Chairman, has severely criticized the new sports law brought to Congress by the AKP.

The description of Nuhut is as follows:

“There is a need for a law on sports clubs that disciplines clubs financially and administratively in sports. In addition, it is useful to organize a sports federation to separate it from public law in accordance with international sports law. Sports Law. Regulating the growing issues within the framework of, and their administrative and financial structure. This proposal brings together both sports clubs and sports federations under a single law.

Laws in this direction have long been expected in society and the sports world. However, the oligarchs, formed with the bureaucracy that oversees sports, use this expectation in public with the usual opportunism of AKP, aiming for a self-understanding sport.

Turkey has 65 sports federations. TFF is autonomous, 59 of which are independent sports federations, five of which are sports federations belonging to the Ministry of Youth Affairs. The proposed bill leaves the independence of all independent autonomous federations on paper. It is clearly written by law. This offer also includes articles that violate international sports law and the practices of its institutions. The Global Association of International Sports Federation considers the National Federation to be its branch and expects to comply with key rules and refuse to interfere politically with the National Federation.

Apart from public law, sports law decisions must also be sharp and swift. If a national federation or the whole country does not follow the rules, it may be banished from both the Global Association of International Sports Federations and the competition. Therefore, this proposal aims to bring the current situation back to public institutions rather than making it more independent in accordance with international sports law.

This law gives the Minister of Sports extraordinary authority. It is permitted to cancel the General Assembly of the Federation, renew the General Assembly, dismiss the Executive Branch and President of the Federation, appoint only the Arbitration Commission, and appoint the Secretary-General of the Sports Federation and the representative of the state. Existing supervisors are also getting worse. It turns the club into a company, but it can also enter the field of Turkish commercial law and intervene in a way that prevents the penalty of deprivation of rights in sports from participating in the management of the company.

Based on the club, it is under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs as an association, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Capital Markets Commission as a company, and the Ministry of Sports as a sports club. This proposal also includes imprisonment for club management. This should be added to Turkish criminal law. The Ministry of Interior and the local chiefs of the state are empowered to dismiss the sports club manager and the entire administration, ban sports club competitions, and cancel registration, even if the sports club manager is charged with a crime. .. .. Even politically established NGOs can do these things without even a judicial decision that cannot only be made by prosecution. He sees sports clubs as a potential criminal organization. Apart from sports federations and club associations, there is a definition of a superordinate organization that does not understand what purpose it was established, and it is seen with suspicion by the sports bureaucracy (Article 12). Parallel federations and federations are defined. It is not clear what the current club union will do next to the existing federation. There is legal personality. Clubs within this top organization are given the opportunity to share all kinds of opportunities and help each other. It talks about combining resources and power, helping each other, and sharing those facilities. For competitions in the same league of sports clubs that are included or not included in this super-organization, there are advantages over free and fair competitions compared to competitions outside the organization. This creates a legal infrastructure for match-fixing and incentives.

In addition, federal property will be removed from the provision of state-owned property, paving the way for the federal president, declared Persona non grata, to force his resignation under foreclosure pressure. It is tied to a single political view.

Since the decision of the sports branch is left to the minister of sports, the women’s sports branch is also open to intervention. In other words, the method of intervention is open to the sports sector considered by the federation.

The power of acquittals belonging to the General Assembly will be blocked and even if acquitted, a proceeding will be filed against federal management.

Only for budgets sent by the province, financial control methods are open to all transactions and inspector pressure is open to threatening the Commonwealth. The president of the federation ends with a deprivation of rights by a forged report.

The sports criminal justice system is unfair and the arbitration committee with the appointment of the minister remains intact. To become an arbitration committee, the arbitrators of the parties must also be present in the proceedings. In this structure, the road is closed, made up of people with no knowledge or experience in sports law, and continues to make decisions depending on the man. I want you to continue the structure of the established Continental Criminal Commission, which has nothing to do with the structure of the International Court of Arbitration for Sport. “

What are the sports law offers?

Sports Co., Ltd. is a corporation that is established as a subsidiary or affiliate of a sports club or independently of a sports club, registered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and engages in sports activities based on the Turkish Commercial Law.