AKP and MHP election bills submitted to Congress: Dam will fall to 7 percent

AKP Vice Chairman Vital printer And MHP Vice ChairmanI’m Fetti IldisSubmitted an election bill to Congress.

According to the suggestion vote10% country vote The threshold is lowered to 7%.

If the total number of votes received by the alliance exceeds the national threshold vote Accounts and distribution of agents in the circle, vote Created in consideration of the number of votes obtained in the neighborhood.

Number of members elected by each political party forming an alliance, vote This is determined by the general D’Hondt method, based on the number of votes obtained by the regional alliance.

voteA party that qualifies to join a party, provided that it does not neglect the district, state, and grand meeting more than once within the period stipulated in the Political Party Law and the bylaws of the party. voteRetains the right to participate. Established a group only in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, voteIt is not one of the sufficient conditions to participate in e.

vote Board decision

state vote The board of directors consists of a chairman, two principal members, and two deputy members.state vote The chairman and key members of the board of directors are determined by the First Class Judicial Commission among the leading judges working in the city center in the last week of January every two years.

In the lottery, the first chair will be determined as the next two members and the last two members will be determined as alternative members. If you don’t have enough top-notch judges, start with the best judges to fill the gap.State established in this way vote The board of directors serves for two years.

Among judges assigned to first class working in the district in the central district vote Judge members determined by the First Class Judiciary Committee among the leading judges working in the city center are from the list remaining after the lottery for district presidents and board members. vote Chairs the board of directors.

If there are not enough top-notch judges, the highest-ranking judge will be the chairman of the board. Judges who do not want to participate in the lottery will apply in writing to the committee. If there are enough other judges, the judges who do not want to participate in the lottery will be removed from the list.

Update of the electoral list a year ago

A party who has the right to appoint a member to the ballot box committee. No other party member can be nominated as a member of the Ballot Box Committee without his consent.

Local administration, neighborhood mayors and elders council voteCreated in accordance with the law voteThe previous year’s electoral list, created according to the address of your place of residence, will be updated.

People whose address is not displayed in the address registration system will be recorded in the voter list according to the address of the last voter.

vote According to the results, candidates for Muktal are eligible to win if they prove they are eligible for election within a month at the latest. vote County to win vote Awarded at the time of establishment. Otherwise, this process runs second, then third, and finally finds a qualified candidate.Area vote Within two days against the Board’s decision on this issue. vote You can appeal to the board of directors.state vote The board’s decision is final.

state vote District with chairman and board members vote The chair of the board of directors will be re-determined within three months after the proposal is enacted, in response to the change. The president and members thus determined will terminate the term of office of the previous president and members.

Along with the proposal, in parallel with the presidential system vote The word “prime minister” of the law has been removed from the law.

The general basis of the proposal is “This amendment of the bill aims to raise the level and level of democracy that has risen, further strengthen our position in democracies, and strengthen the stability of the government. In the management system of the representative, with the fairness of the representative. “

Nine articles in the proposal were related to the election rules, one article was related to local administration, and AKP’s Yazıcı said of the proposal:

“In the first article of our proposal, we propose to lower the election threshold to 7 percent.

Article 2 states that “if the total number of votes received by the Alliance exceeds the threshold, the calculation and distribution of agents will take into account the number of votes of the parties.”

Article 3 of the proposal removes the requirement to have a group in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey regarding the participation of political parties in elections, and believes that parliamentary proceedings should be carried out at the speed of the organization.

There are rules regarding the State Election Commission. It contains rules regarding the decisions of the Local Election Commission from among the top judges by lottery. We propose a similar arrangement to the District Election Commission.

Article 7 adds the clause that “a party who has the right to appoint a member to the ballot box committee may not appoint another party member as a ballot box member”.

Article 8 is regulated according to the electoral list a year ago, which was created based on the address of the local election settlement.

The ninth article adds a clause that says, “People who don’t show up on the system because their address is closed will continue from where they were the last voter.”

In the eleventh article, I am preparing to adapt to the presidential system. “

Vice Chairman of MHP Fetister He also pointed out the Constitution in a question about early elections: “This law does not apply to elections that take place within a year of the effective date. The discussion on early elections has ended.” Yazıcı, “Our The standard for the rise of democracy in the country will be even higher. It aims to strengthen the stability of the administration with the justice of the representative. ”

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