Aiming for the World Cup with disabled people – TRT Spor

The Amputee National Football Team continues its preparations with Boru Camp for the 2022 World Cup in Turkey from September 30th to October 9th.

Coach Osman Çakmak said the Bolu camp is mainly technical and tactical.

Chakmak remembered what he did at last year’s final camp, Bolu, heading into the European Championships. “After Volcamp we went to Istanbul and later became undefeated European champions.” He said.

Chakmak emphasized that the team’s energy, synergy and nobility make them happy. “Are there no shortcomings? There are shortcomings. We solved all these shortcomings in Bor, and when we entered the camp in Istanbul on September 19th, we solved them all. I solved all my problems, psychologically.” I made that assessment.

Chakmak, who explained that he will adjust the A, B, and C plans depending on the opponent, said that he will be playing against a very strong opponent and that he said the work will continue at full speed.

Chakmak said the Turkish nation deserves all kinds of happiness. “I missed a penalty at the 2018 World Cup. ‘May the people of Turkey be right'” I said.I said I was ready to do whatever job fell. At that time, I used the following sentence: There is one Osman Chakmak in the field.When we become teachers, there are 15 Osman Chakmak. is born. We will continue that synergy. “ He said.

“I want to lift that trophy”

Explaining that they did everything to succeed, Chakmak said, “I think about each match and I want to lift that trophy on October 9.”

Chakmak said:

“The only thing that sport lacks in success is the World Cup. After exhibiting in a museum, we can achieve success. I tell my friends that reaching the top may be easy, but , says staying is necessary: ​​”We have a say in Amputee football around the world. All nations fear us. We respect them. We respect them.” We will never be rude to them.We will show them great hospitality.We will play the ball without showing them.”To them.” “

Fatih Şentürk: We are disabled but given the shape of a nation

One of the players, Fatih Sentürk (33), was involved in a car accident when he was 18 years old.

Sentürk said he was proud to be in the national team. “It’s impossible for everyone to wear the national jersey. We were handicapped, but we were given the national form. This is the most important thing of all.” He said.

Centuruk, “We only have one world championship trophy in our museum. I think the time has come this year.I hope we can win the trophy on the night of October 9th and present it to our country.” increase.” used the phrase

Explaining that they will be playing in a big stadium, Šentürk said:

“We will play on the fields of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas. We will invite the people of Istanbul to the game in advance. Please do not leave us alone. Let them support us. They. I am 100% sure they will support us.The whole stadium will be full of flags.We will use the techniques and tactics given by our teachers as the energy they give us. Combine. We take them all.

“We have to do justice to the jersey we wear.” Senturuk said, “We have strong opponents in our group. This is a very important championship. There are strong countries in the world such as France, Haiti and Liberia. We have to train to stay strong against them. I want to do my best to win and make $85 million. Happy.” Said.