Ahmet Nur Cebi: We deserve sports law

“We deserve the new sports law. We owed a large plane tree and a 100-year-old club to the club,” Besiktas President Ahmet Nuru Chebi said of the sports law. I used the phrase.

Besiktas President Ahmet Nur Chebi held a press conference on the proceedings.

President Ahmet Nur Sebi, who applied for a presidential candidate for the election in Besiktas yesterday, made an important statement at a press conference.

“I borrowed money from a club 100 years ago.”

Talking about sports law, Ahmet Null Sebi made an impressive statement. Sebi is related, “We deserve a new sports law. We owed a large Sycamore tree and a 100-year-old club a loan, but the law requires increasing restrictions on managers’ borrowing and lending.” I used the phrase.

Ahmet Nur Cebi: We deserve the Sports Law ViDEO

“Running again”

Continuing from the explanation of Sebi, “Yesterday we officially announced that we would like to serve as Chairman of Besiktas for another term. We would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors and give them their rights.

We have won 5,000 out of about 8,000 games with the belief that the Besiktas community trusts us. There were a lot of problems when we arrived, payments weren’t made for 6 months, income is transferable … we have ourselves as manager and president of Besiktas in difficult times I found. Our priority was to understand the problem, remove the burden of tedious contracts, and pursue the success of the sport while doing all this. I think I was able to make the ship float well.

Ahmet Nur Cebi: We deserve Sport Law # 2

“I wish I had more candidates”

We sought more candidates to increase the brand value of Besiktas. As I said many times, unfortunately, two people, including my friend and me, will choose. Congratulations on the success of other friends. All we can say is to respect and sincerely thank those who are eager to serve in Besiktas.

As you can remember, the debt was 3.3 billion TL … Currently, the situation is 4.5 billion TL. This is an unpleasant situation. Differences in interest rates and exchange rates caused a difference of 1.3 billion TL. This 4.3 billion TL is inevitable, and we believe it is a success if it does not increase any further.

In our period, our income is 1.8 billion lira and our cost is 1.8 billion lira. In other words, I realized the balanced budget that I have been saying since the day I arrived.

Ahmet Nur Cebi: We deserve Sport Law # 3

“No one has it from Besiktas”

The loss of the amateur branch, which was about 10 million euros, decreased to 5 million euros the following year and 2 million euros the following year. I want you to know that this will be reflected in the balance sheet in a short period of time.

As is generally known, there is no doubt that no one buys from Besiktas. We are very pleased that our workers, especially our struggles to pay their workers’ salaries, are reflected in their faces.
€ 3-5 million contracts with players such as Adem Lhajic, Douglas and Lens are the basis of this debt burden.

“I did what I needed for a 1903 tavern.”

When we arrived, NO: 1903 tavern was taken over by the municipality for our debt. We did what we needed to do, repay the debt, and return the tavern to the club. Residents of Besiktas can have breakfast with their children.
No one lives in our stadium. We were fortunate enough to get a settlement in this place. The facilities of Akatlar and Süleyman Seba have been renovated in our time.

For the next period, we would like to start the process with a low cost long-term plan with young players and renewed staff. Continue Ersinler, Rıdvanlar, Serdarlar, Güven, find new ones and remove them. Prepare Besiktas patiently.

Ahmet Nur Cebi: We deserve Sport Law # 4

“Rıdvan, Ersin, Serdar doors are knocked.”

Rıdvan, Ersin, Serdar … all of them have knocks on our doors. But how we profit is important. Unless we get the numbers in our heads, our kids won’t go anywhere.

Saying “two calls came, they want you”, you can’t demand ten times what you are entitled to. Our kids don’t do this, but they have a manager. We need to save these children from the manager. There is no obligation to extend the contract 1-2 years before the contract ends. We are waiting for you if necessary.

Why didn’t we start working on coins? As you mentioned in these issues, I don’t think other clubs are making money. There is a lack of information on this subject. I delegated this issue to my team. I also make the final decision, but we are still waiting for it. As for the Besiktas fan token, we don’t want fans to suffer when buying this token. Let’s talk a little about this. However, there is a realization that Besiktas could not do this job, but we track all legal details down to the smallest point. Let Besiktas Fan sell your car to buy tokens. That way, the value of that token won’t leave the fan in your pocket. You don’t need such money. I have nothing to do with any harm to my fans.

If I could solve the problem when yelling about the referee, would it still be a problem today? I’m going to talk so that I can solve something. I have protected the interests of Besiktas where I should have. More than that goes into the show.

Ahmet Nur Cebi: We deserve Sport Law # 5

“All referees need to be replaced.”

All referees need to be replaced. I call on all TFF agencies. Everyone will resign. You are all prejudiced. The Trabzonspor-Besiktas match should have been repeated. They said the decision did not affect the outcome. We hope that the arbitration committee that made that decision will not be held in the new season.

There is no such idea as the TFF president. If I had such an idea, I would not be a presidential candidate again in Besiktas.

He was not involved in the referee’s operation. But it was incomplete and mistaken. This work has not been done completely, so it is diluted. Especially those who give flowers and those who think that this operation is not correct are those who say that they are victims of the mistakes of each referee.

We hope that the new TFF management will send all the boards and old referees. As President Besiktas, I boldly say this. They have created dissatisfaction with all Turkish football teams as we do. I’m not the only one in question.

I will stand behind Valerian Ismael until the end, I am determined. Abdullah Avcı, Sergen Yalçın, Önder Karaveli … I didn’t send any of them. I broke up with people who didn’t want to work. “ I used the phrase.