Ahmet Nur Cebi: Our tolerance limits are exceeded – TRT Spor


Besiktas club president Ahmet Nur Chebi said referees have no right to make mistakes. “We don’t want to be treated unfairly anymore.. ” Said.

Chebi visited Turkish Football Federation (TFF) President Mehmed Buyukeksi to discuss referee management in the first two weeks of the Spor Toto Super League between Yucate Kayserispor and Corendon Aranyaspor. Did. The presidents of the black and white clubs issued a statement to the press after visiting the Hassan Doan national team camp and training center in Riva.

Chebi said he spoke about Turkish football and Besiktas. “As you all know, I have presented the documents that Besiktas received one by one the great injustices and injustices that Besiktas suffered in the match (Corendon Aranyaspor) two days ago. It turns out I understood, hope and wait for what is needed to be done.‘ He said.

Saying that the federation represents Turkish football, Ahmet Nur Cebi said:

“We stated that last year’s issues should be resolved. Even if some of last year’s issues were resolved, they weren’t all resolved.” requires trust, the belief that federations and referees do no harm. They have to do this. I want to trust and believe in them. let’s wait. “


President Cebi said the TFF should act more transparently about referees.Tell them, “Go out and talk about what you’ve done wrong.” Please tell me where the referee is right. Answer the criticism yourself. we said I am glad that they are participating in such works. I believe they will do this as soon as possible. But I think I’ve explained enough that Besiktas is over the limit. We hope all clubs will take this result positively. ” used his statement.

‘The referee has no right to make a mistake’

Ahmet Nur Cebi insisted referees had no right to make mistakes.

Chebi said everyone should contribute to Turkish football. beyond our tolerance limits. The referee has no right to make mistakes. If a surgeon makes a mistake in surgery and dies, there is no chance of making a mistake. The referee doesn’t have that chance either. I named it “Error” and it’s done. After this, everyone must contribute to Turkish sport. Referees also need to be very careful. they always make mistakes. I understand one mistake in a game, but I don’t understand ten mistakes.” I made that assessment.

“I want justice and conscience” The president of the black and white club, “I want a system where the good guys are rewarded and the bad guys are punished.” Said.

Regarding the statement that he did not want Alanyaspor match referee Yasin Kol to play again, Sevi said: “Our choice is never to see it in a match again. I’ve also explained…we’ll see what we do over time.” gave an opinion.

“It’s already a problem and it’s still going on.”

Besiktas Club President Ahmet Nur Chebi said in response to questions about the whistleblowing by some referees, including experienced referees, on March 8, 2022, after which the decision was reversed. “There was a problem and the necessary steps were taken. The problem was brought back in. They had to finish this job. We sent it in and brought it back in. That was the problem and it still is.” ” He finished his speech.