After Yuzuru Hanyu-TRTSpor


In the history of sports, there are many athletes who say “he is different”, and not only their activities and contributions to sports, but also their involvement with the spectators stands out. Yuzuru Hanyu, who has been on the list of figure skating enthusiasts since winning the 2010 World Junior Championships, is one of them.

His medals, world records, techniques for displaying the most difficult jump connections in the highest quality when suffering from asthma and injuries over the last 12 years, natural dancer-like strap techniques, and attention to detail. The program and his aesthetic strength made him wink while watching him applauded for a few minutes in the mascot toys, turning him into an evasive figure skater. This spectacular competitive career, winning two Olympic gold medals, ended with Hanyu’s “Don’t talk about retirement” statement at today’s expected press conference. Yuzuru Hanyu will no longer participate in amateur competitions and will continue to participate in ice shows and continue his professional life.

While there are other male skaters in the Golden Slam, Hanyu is the only male figure skating super slamist to win the Olympic, World, Grand Prix and Four Continents titles in the Senior category, along with the Junior World. Championship and Junior Grand Prix Championship. The first and best are not limited to this. It will take a few pages to list these achievements of Japanese skaters. But it’s probably worth mentioning that he was the first skater to make a successful quad loop jump in competition. Hanyu made this jump for the first time in the 2016 Autumn Classics International Short Program, with all but one jumping as the quadriceps. Yuzuru Hanyu, the champion of the triple Axel, climbed the ISU textbook, entered in perfect aerial position and descent, and aimed at the last remaining quad, the quad Axel. For jumps described as “most scary,” “most difficult,” and “impossible.”

After years of work, he announced plans to run four accelerators at the Beijing Olympics. I tried this at the national competition and missed the lap. Last year’s Olympic season brought a whole different excitement to ice skating enthusiasts. In addition to the fans who followed Hanyu’s quadruple accelerator adventure, there were many professional names who supported him and shared his opinions and suggestions. An interview with Kenzo Shirai, who made a 4.5-lap twist jump in floor gymnastics, and a comment by Kohei Uchimura, a gymnast whom Hanyu respects, were elements that opened the heart of the skater’s work.


Russian director Alexei Mishin, nicknamed the professor, was one of the people Hanyu personally consulted with. The sewing machine is said to have said, “I don’t think I’ve seen a skater throw a quad Axel in my lifetime.” Despite these words, Yuzuru Hanyu did not hesitate to suggest supporting a Japanese skater who described her as “extraordinary” when requesting an interview following the competition’s gala performance. A 40-minute meeting informing her about the physical dynamics of a quadrupedal jump. Add that Alexei Mishin’s question, “Which skater do you want to work with, who is not currently your student?” He answered “Yuzuru Hanyu” to the question. Despite these efforts, Yuzuru Hanyu was unable to perform a quadruple accelerator at the Olympics on a full turn. However, Hanyu never stopped being honored for taking the risk of winning her third Olympic medal to advance her sport. Hanyu, who ended her last year’s amateur tournament with a dramatic four-accelerator third Olympic medal pendulum, won this praise because she was a “perfect” skater throughout her career.

“Complete” figure skater

Most of the skaters we see in figure skating often witness that either the technical or artistic side is stronger. The lack of aesthetics of a series of skaters who make very successful and difficult jumps causes controversy despite their high technical scores. Meanwhile, the poor jumping skills of swan gliding on the ice with swan elegance also keep them away from the podium. Speaking of Yuzuru Hanyu, neither the first nor the second is valid. He is one of the rare skaters who was able to combine his perfect jumping, turning and glide techniques with his excellent aesthetic skills. That’s why he’s a “perfect” skater, and that’s why he’s one of the most beloved athletes in history. Some figure skaters say that they can’t really understand how Yuzuru played the competition by actually repeating a complicated series of steps. Despite all this and Hanyu being such a perfect athlete, Fanius, one of the world’s most passionate fan groups, often complained that he couldn’t get the points he deserved. Coach and choreographer Tatiana Tarasova, who raised the touched skater to another level as if she had sprinkled fairy dust, said when a similar complaint was made, “I think another Yuzuru Hanyu will come. That’s it. “
Yuzuru Hanyu has won two Olympics, two world championships, four grand prix and many other titles in the senior category in 12 years, and is an amateur with success and contribution beyond what is considered a “success”. Saying goodbye to sports life. “. As one of the” most “of the many popular athletes who broke records and drowned in medals, he already holds that position in history. I don’t know when someone like him will come again. This is why his retirement decision made ice skating enthusiasts so sad. All that remains is gratitude for the wonderful cruising and struggle of the last 12 years and a wish for the birth of a new Hanyu.