After the Trabzonspor match, our soccer player issued a statement

Fenerbahce drew one-on-one with Trabzonspor in a match played by 10 players from the 17th minute. After the match, Miha Zajc, Bright Osai Samuel and Altay Bayındır issued a statement to the broadcaster.

Miha Zajc, “”I think the game started well, but I can say that I dominated 20 minutes until the red card! After that, the game changed and I started playing with 10 people. But nevertheless, I think we continued to fight and put a good character on the field. If you play with your fans and solidarity like this, you will be able to fight to the end.z z I showed you more. I think 10 people have achieved an important point.I got a good performance” Said.

His signature on the goal that drew our team against Trabzonspor, “You feel happy when you score goals. I think it’s an important goal for the team as well. Mert also has a good assist. After all, it was important not to lose today. Playing with 10 people is a good result for the team.“He evaluated.

Bright Osai-Samuel, “”We started the game well. The teacher also explained the importance of playing under pressure for the first 20 minutes before the match, so we started the match this way. I don’t want to say much about the red cards we saw. From that moment on, the game was a little different. From that moment on, our goal was to be together in the field and not to give up the goal, but we gave up the goal, and things became more difficult for us. The team as a whole showed a good personality. We could definitely have won this game. I am also satisfied with my performance. Yes, I enjoy playing aggressive positions more. I’m doing my best no matter where I play, whether I’m looking for my true position. Because I like to play. I was watching a video of him (Nuwakaeme) before the game. I knew how wonderful it was that he had previously played against him on their court. Today it sometimes passed me. He also scored one goal. At the end of the day, I tried to help my team. I’m happy with today’s performance. You need to bring it to the next game.“”

Altay Bayundir, “”We are experiencing the same thing in two games. I played 70-80 minutes in the first match and 10 people in the second match for 70-80 minutes. I drew it in 1-1. Congratulations to all the teams who received the red card at the start of the match, fought to the end of the match and fought with 10 people to the end. Our fans also supported us very well today. I played to win to the last minute, but that didn’t happen. We really wanted to win this match. This is how the match ended. We will continue to prepare for the next match.” Said.

Bayındır expressed his view of the positions he experienced during the match, stating:I also told my teacher about this. The position is also displayed in the replay. It was a shot, I planted the ball, maybe I started fast, and we break the position. After placing the ball in the area I was trying to shoot, the opponent’s forward came and hit the ball. I told the referee this. Isn’t this position a yellow card position? I am planting balls automatically. The game starts early, but the opponent player comes and hits the ball. There was a line referee, there was a fourth referee, and the middle referee was already in front of us. I asked him about it, look and look at the position, even after the match. I said, “This is a yellow card position. This is really sad. But as I said, it was a game that ended like this. We have to win until the last moment. I fought. 1-1. Look ahead. From now on, I will fight in the healthiest way of the rest of the game. Hopefully we will do our best and be the best place until the end of the season. You can finish the league with.“He evaluated.

Altay Bayındır told the referee his position but said he could not get a sound answer.I didn’t get very healthy comments. I said, “Look at the position too. Very respectful .. We need to be careful. As I said, what we experienced in the first game. At the start of the match. 10 people left, the second time the opponent fell to the ground and Ilfan’s feet floated in the air. Should he put his feet on the ground as a matter of position? Straight red card! A little more attention I think it’s necessary. The position has been seen and commented many times. Frankly, it was a regrettable match, but of course I was sad because I couldn’t win.“He concluded.