After giving Erdogan two days, Doutall said:

Future Party Chairman Ahmet Dobtor issued a statement at the end of the two-day deadline given to AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about police attacks on members of the Fulkan Foundation.

Doutall held a press conference at party headquarters, criticizing Erdogan’s silence on the issue, saying that “keeping the silence cannot rule the country.” Doutguru said:

  • Two days ago, I called on the president to make a statement about the actual torture footage of women and children being abused in the middle of the street.
  • However, instead of making remarks that softened the conscience of the people, the president preferred to keep silence and left the square to Mr. Bercheri and Mr. Soil, as if they were always on a serious issue.
  • He was told he was unable to hold a group meeting due to health issues related to his voice. Best wishes for him, but this is no excuse.
  • Even a short tweet message blaming the resulting photo and stating that the necessary steps would be taken for the responsible person would have been sufficient in the first place.
  • If he had taken care of the citizens, I would have blessed him if he had been with the victims rather than the civil servants who acted illegally.
  • But he couldn’t. Because Baseri, who he communicated his intentions, cut rhetoric at a group meeting on Tuesday and drew the boundaries of the subject.
  • Meanwhile, he once again showed that the interior minister, who was the first person in charge of this painting, was under his protection.
  • Today, the Minister of Interior is clearly subordinate to the President, primarily Bercheri. Like last year’s Sedat Pekel’s claim, he faced these images this year and protected his position with the patronage of Bercheri. In this sense, the nation has a double-headed personality.
  • As a result, the president preferred to remain silent when problems arise that could not be addressed, or when Mr. Bacheli first acted and drew the line as before. He cannot rule the country by silence.

“ERDOĞAN has three roads”

“Erdogan can still speak and show his stance,” Doutall said, citing three ways before Erdogan.

  • First, as Prime Minister Erdogan has done many times, he may prefer to remain silent in the face of shame, as if he were not the president of this country.
  • Second, Mr. Prime Minister Erdogan can understand the situation by accepting Bacheli’s guidance and issuing a few sentences that do not touch meat or milk in a way that is not appropriate for the president.
  • Or Mr. Erdogan proved he was the president of the country, said that those who tortured his citizens in the middle of the street would be held liable, dismissed the minister, who was the head of these officials, and he passed the law. Say you don’t care, say “destroy first, then the law,” and the most important are openly torture, illegality, and violence. Baseri, who blessed the cruelty, gives him a share.

“Prime Minister Erdogan is at a crossroads,” Doutall said. “If we don’t talk about the economic crisis, the crisis won’t go away. The lurking justice, law, and conscience do not rise. Today, AK party members who prefer to remain silent in the face of this picture, and non-governmental organizations and the public who have supported the AK party in the past, will hold an event. I would like to mention that I was watching closely. Bread of conscience. Once, get out of the grip of the ruthless propaganda machine run by the trawl gang and stop and think. “

Davutoğlu continued his statement as follows:

  • No matter what you think about the effects of the promotion that former soloists, pelicans, February 28 supporters, and FETO supporters are running around us, we will not give up hope in your conscience and that I will continue to appeal to my conscience.
  • If today we are speaking under all sorts of pressure, we are raising it for you and our future generations. The political journey that began with the ring continues with enormous wealth that cannot be explained.

Finally, to the citizens who voted for AKP, Doutall said: Here’s your chance! Do you really want a country where law and justice are revived? Responsibility lies on your shoulders! My brothers and sisters who voted for the AK Party should be happy while fulfilling this responsibility. “