Adu says goodbye to graduates of the sports sciences

Aydın Adnan Menderes University (ADU) Faculty of Sport Sciences 20212022 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony was held at the Ataturk Congress Center.

To the Ceremony; ADU President Professor Dr. Ottoman Selcuk Aldemir, Vice President Professor. Dr. Mehmet Aidin Professor Dr. Ali Akyor Dr. Cumali Öksüz, General Secretary V. Assoc. Dr. וbrahim Gökdaş, Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences. Dr. Burçin Measurer, faculty, students and their families participated.

After silent prayer and singing the Turkish national anthem, undergraduate winner Ali Chamrubel made the following speech: The important thing is that the principle of equality stands on our own feet. On behalf of myself and my friends, I would like to thank all the faculty members and their families for their contributions and contributions. “

His speech begins by stating that students are young educators responsible for our country and the world, and themselves and their families, the Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences. Dr. Burçin Measurecu said: “We believe that with the modern, top-notch information we provide to your work, you can quickly climb the career ladder and achieve significant success. You; we; from success to success. As you move on, you will further praise and praise our university. “

Measurecu tells the students that they should be illuminated by the light of reason, conscience and science, saying: When you create value. Also, remember that you must succeed not only for yourself and your family, but also for your country and humanity. We look forward to working with you in the future. “

He begins his speech by emphasizing that the students have made an important start in their lives, Professor ADU. Dr. Ottoman Selcuk Aldemir said: We are not limited to the precious students who are building the future in our evolving university, we will continue to work tirelessly, constantly raising the bar to the highest standards, behind us for the sake of our country, country and civilization. Great educational army in. “

President Aldemir states that learning is a never-ending process, saying: The next process sets the most appropriate goals by constantly updating yourself. You are the generation that will build the future of our country and leave a stronger Turkey for the next generation. May God bless you. “

A slide show of achievements created by the Faculty of Sport Sciences was followed by a salsa dance show created by Nermin Gürbüz instructor, an ADU folk dance ensemble show, and a freestyle dance show created by Gamze Akyol Research Assistant.

Professor ADÜ after the top faculty member AliÇamlıbel nailed the plate to the graduation log. Dr. Ottoman Selcuk Aldemir ranked in the faculty and congratulated the students who gave the gifts.

After the graduation certificate was given to the graduates, the ceremony ended with the students wearing hats.

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