Adnan Polato: We need to secure unity and solidarity-TRT Spor

Adnam Polat, one of the former presidents of the Galata Sarai Sports Club, made a statement about the yellow-red club’s election process, the problems the club experienced, what happened during Braquelmas’ presidency, and what he experienced during his time. I put it out. Presidential office.

Polat emphasized that the decision to dismiss the executive branch made in Congress during his own term should be amended, and said the club should first act in unity and solidarity. Paulat said, emphasizing that those who take office should be supported. “Since the members of the Galatasaray Club are divided, I think Galatasaray’s priority is to ensure unity and solidarity. Even if a president who did not support in the past is elected, everyone will help him. We will do our best to make the club a success. Now that kind of thing, the values ​​have disappeared. Especially after the March 2011 parliament, they created what is called an administrative exile. This is the image of the club. Seriously hurt. Galatasaray has lost the weight of his presidency. The legislation needs to be revised according to the circumstances of the day. After the election, this legislation will be in his hands no matter who the next president is. The people who worked were prepared by staying in a certain pattern and pursuing other accounts. Galatasaray would fix the economic and sporty part once unity and solidarity were achieved. Will be easier, or the next administration will be exhausted without doing much. He will leave his job in a short period of time. “ He said.

“Brack Elmas suffered a lot in his time.”

Galatasaray’s elected president said it should be supported and supported after the election process, and Polat criticized the way Brak Elmas was sent, “Burak Elmas suffered a lot in his time. The way to be his candidate was unacceptable, but the club chose him as president. He had to give him the necessary respect and respect. 7-8 months later, the executive branch was withdrawn because it was not suitable for Galatasaray in Congress. Conspiracy speculation. “I don’t know the truth of the matter. Such a meeting will be held for President Galatasaray. It shouldn’t have been. I know he’s upset, but President Galatasaray shouldn’t be sent this way. “ He said.

“For the past four to five years, I have been constantly approaching roof candidates.”

He also said that he had visited in the past the roof candidates that have always been on the agenda in the Galatasaray elections, and Polat said:

“For the past four to five years, I’ve been visited constantly. There’s a certain group leader with a certain fame in Galatasaray, but there’s a rudeness that the club continues to do. It’s also a matter of administrative liberation. There is Galatasaray needs to remove it. They are away from the name club. These people need to return to the club. The Supreme Court admits that there is no administrative dismissal. At this meeting, I said. Vote, let’s remove this and open a new page. “Unfortunately, that step didn’t take place. I don’t know why they didn’t do it. After this, I hope the President-elect will do it. This is unity and solidarity. “

“I support Dursung Bay on his project.”

Adnan Polat, who said he met both candidates in the Galatasaray presidential election, shared the following details about his meeting in their names.

“We talked to Galatasaray with Mr. Eschlev, but there was no project-based conversation. We talked about unity and the success of the sport. Mr Darson wanted to hear my opinion about real estate. He wanted to hear my opinion about real estate. Talked about Floria and Meshidi Ekoy. Projects. If he leaves the club debt, the club debt will be reset in these projects. He has solid experience and was formerly the president. A new president is coming. He understands the world he is in. A year has passed .. Since Eschlev Bay comes from business life, he has experience with these issues, but Darson Bay was previously president. I’m more experienced. Mr. Darson asked us for support. In that sense, I think Mr. Darson is one step ahead. “

“We need to transform our corporate structure in terms of scouts and infrastructure.”

The yellow-red community needs to be patient and act according to plan, Polat said. “We need to transform into a corporate structure from a scouting and infrastructure perspective. We have to spend the necessary costs. All football players will be sold as long as they are sold at that value. From the infrastructure. Making him a star when taking out a player makes him a real star player in my opinion. This has often happened in Galata Sarai in the past. During the 1992 Darwall era, our players were very We were getting older. From that year we started to rejuvenate. Team. This was done gradually in 3 years. The team won the championship in my period. It’s mine. He continued to be a champion and won the UEFA Cup. You can do the same again. You can do the same again. ”Several years before the seeds planted on the ground bear fruit. As soon as this pressure is applied, what you want to do is ruined. Again, management must take a stance and endure the pressure. Galatasaray Of course, I always play for the championship, but I also play for these processes. Don’t miss it. ” Said.

“They can take Okan Buruk”

He said it was close to the idea of ​​introducing a local name to Galatasaray, who knows the club, Paulat said. “In my opinion, there are engineers who are familiar with Galatasaray at this time. They can take Okan Buruk. He became the champion of Basakshehir. He won the Turkish Cup. He knows football and is a club. It’s also available from abroad, but if you’re shooting at this time, Floria is a little loose, so you need an experienced and disciplined coach, especially a coach. You have to choose. I care about youth and infrastructure. Galatasaray never runs out of coaches. “ He said.

“It was wrong to put Brak Elmas under the coach’s umbrella while he was elected.”

Adnan Polat said Galatasaray Club President Burak Elmas did not deserve what was done to him in Congress. “It was wrong to put Burak Elmas under the control of an engineer during the election. In my opinion, the person who chose the presidential candidate who participated in the election made a mistake. He did not show the necessary respect. He also made a mistake in Elmas after he was elected. It was wrong to treat Garata Sarai’s management in this way. It was also wrong and the mistake was repeated many times. This shows how confused the club is. Galata Sarai needs to get rid of them. It’s needed to bring the leader community together. This didn’t happen in Brak’s day. No one. No one deserves this. This is a minister. “The biggest mistake was in the style and style of the parliament. The parliament was a complete blunder.” I used the phrase.

“Whenever these are done, I step into the stadium.”

“Will you be the presidential candidate for Galatasaray again someday?” Polat answered the question as follows:

“Part of my heart is always in Galatasaray. Unless Congress eliminates the rudeness I have expressed regarding administrative sanctions, I will only join the club to vote. Other than that, I will be in any activity. Not involved .. I haven’t set foot in the stadium built during my period for 10 years. Not only for me, but also for the late Mustafa .. Whenever these are done, I step into the stadium. “

Meanwhile, Polar said the opening of Gül Baba Park, which is part of his project at Piyale paşa, will take place on Thursday. “We built a park before the Piyale paşa project. We named the park Gülbaba Park. The roads within the scope of this project have also been renamed to Derviş Gül Baba. It will open next Thursday. From here, friendship. Send a message to his brother Hungary. A concert at the Ataturk Cultural Center on Saturday night when the election takes place. An important Hungarian poet wrote a poem about Gulbaba and the composer turned it into a symphony. Music. Sung by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. The next day at Galata Sarai High School. It will be US Day. A lit torch for the unity and solidarity of Galata Sarai.‘He declared.