Adil Brittle: This league cannot be registered that way!


New President Malatyaspor Adil Gebrek has severely criticized the Turkish Football Federation’s (TFF) decision to hand over 13 referees at a press conference.

“Where in the world have 12 referees been fired?” Gevrek says, “These referees managed 60% of this league. Most of them oversaw our match. Was their performance poor? Is there a problem? Is it suspicious? If there is, this league cannot be registered this way. “ Said.

“TFF president failed in class”

Keeping in mind that Turkish football cannot be improved without telling the truth, Gebrek said:

“TFF’s mission is not just to distribute the money it earns and separate some of it. TFF needs to create a project to increase the brand value of Turkish football. In the last three years, Anatolian clubs have been Drawn into a swamp of debt. President Turkish football is retreating day by day. While going to Super League Turkey, they earn 17.5 million euros, but today the rest of the league has 4.5 million. Earn Euros. With new bids, they won’t. You can get both. You won’t get support from politicians or businessmen. Look at the pictures of the two championships and yourself I couldn’t see myself. Where are the bad days? “

“No one is with us on a difficult day”


“I saw the celebrations of past championships, but couldn’t find myself.” Adil Gebrek says, “People who come to take pictures are always at the forefront, but no one is with us in our difficult times. If you are in politics or business in this country, you Will protect this team at bad times. “ He said.

“I don’t want to cast Trabzonspor in the shadows”

“Congratulations to Trabzonspor, I can’t say anything to this team.” Gevrek explained, “I don’t want to cast a shadow, but how will this league be registered? It depends a lot on the points lost from the referee. So there are many problems! As football, you will fall, but everyone Let me tell you the truth. I lost at least 13 points because of the referee. TFF and MHK made these mistakes. “We didn’t just experience it. Other rivals of Turkish football also did it. Experienced. Rize Spor, Galatasaray. I don’t know why. The league will end this year. Will it end at the police station or will it go to court? We will go up and inside ourselves. I hope I can’t find a solution in. “ Made his remark.

“We find our rights”

Adil Gebrek, President of Yeni Malatyas Paul, emphasized that they seek their rights, saying: “Is it a district court or UEFA? Fight for rights wherever you are. I didn’t go to the second half of the Altai match. I didn’t respect Altai and the spectators. So I don’t go to the league. Now the revolution is coming. I need it. I need to review these things. I can change the referee. I don’t want to say anything suspicious about this. I want to pay attention to my words. Please explain. I didn’t feel the need for explanation. There is a problem with the TFF investigation. I would like to emphasize, but there are actually many. No one wants to be suspected without the net. “I want to talk with a sense. No, but I’ve heard rumors that are very annoying. The obvious mistake is the eyes while those rumors are being made. “ Said.

“The team can lose. Try again.”

Towards the end of your words “We seek our rights as Yeni Malatya Spor.” Gevrek says, “At least I make a request. I criticize myself for mistakes. The team may collapse. I bought this team when I was in the second league. I get it again. But they beat us. Economy. There may be problems. No, but if someone gets what’s right for you, I’ll get it from the person in charge. TFF is doing it. It’s said. There are so many things. 99% clear. But we don’t want to doubt anyone. ” I made a statement.