“Added value to Trabzonspor” – TRT Spor


19-year-old defender Ahmetkan Kaplan, who grew out of Trabzonspor’s infrastructure, rose to the senior side and quickly caught the attention of European clubs, has signed a five-year deal with Ajax, known as ‘Europe’s footballer’s factory’. . , in exchange for 9.5 million testimonies.

Current Hull City manager Shota Alberadze, who played for Trabzonspor between 1994 and 1997 and was the first player to join Ajax from Suppel Lig, has spoken out about the transfer of Ahmetkan Kaplan in Super League history. . .

After joining Ajax from Trabzonspor for a €1.6 million transfer fee in the 1997-98 season, Shota Alberadze continued his career with important clubs such as Glasgow Rangers, AZ Alkmaar and Levante. says so. Very successful at a young age.

Ahmedcan, who made history as the second player to join the European giants from the Super League, has a bright future ahead of him, said Shata Alberadze, adding that Ajax will follow young players around the world and look for promising players. He said he chooses carefully.

Arveladze said playing for Ajax was an important step in the young player’s career. “We have to congratulate Ahmetcan, his academy, youth coach and the club. He has brought great value and contribution to the team and the country. , don’t quit this job here, don’t let him stop his growth by saying “I was transferred to Europe”. Let him work harder, achieve more success, and make everyone happier. Congratulations Ahmetcan! I am his supporter now.Hen.


Commenting on Dutch team Ajax’s selection of a promising young footballer, Arveladze said: “If Ajax had acquired a 19-year-old boy from Trabzonspor, this would be important. If he didn’t see the future, he wouldn’t have bought it. I could have bought it from Trabzonspor, but I bought it from Trabzonspor.The day before, Bayern Munich signed 17-year-old Luka Parkadze from Dynamo Tbilisi.We also shared it on social media.The boy is only 17. This The boy has brought great value to the club.Like him, Ahmet Chan has added value to the country’s football and to Trabzonspor.Ahmetcan has become the second player after me.Ajax We hope to get more players from Turkey.” He said.

Ajax evaluated the selection of both players from Trabzonspor who moved from the Super League, the technical man said, “There are many footballers who leave Turkey and go to another club in Europe. But good players are born from Trabzonspor’s infrastructure. Without Ajax, Ahmetkan might have gone to another team.Ajax is a club that especially chooses young players and Ajax are lucky to have Ahmetkan.”

Arveladze said a greater focus on football infrastructure could bring more young talent into national and world football. “Such players come out in Trabzonspor every 10 years. If a good system is established, more players will appear in a short period of time. First every five years, then every three years. It serves both the first team, the club and the national team, that’s what matters, everyone says infrastructure is important, but in Turkey this issue is not being properly addressed. Unfortunately everyone is chasing points our people don’t want to wait they are impatient about it Turkey especially Trabzon, Sakarya, Izmir and other Black Sea cities have very talented If you do this kind of work well, if you have a good system, you don’t have to keep talented kids waiting, young people like Ahmetcan are sent to Europe.” Said.