Adam Volleyball SK Discovers New Sultan-Sports News

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul, Mayor Fatma Shahin Metropolitan, Yasin Tepe State Youth Sports Director, Muhittin Osbay, Adam Volleyball Sports Club CEO Idris Birginsoy, Cengiz Akarçeşme Head Coach, InfraAthletes and Technical Delegation attended. The signing ceremony was found.

In his speech at the ceremony, Governor Davut Gul said:

“We have about 170,000 undergraduates. As Gaziantep, we need to go one step further. First of all, we did this before. The school sports club is the school. Established in, licensed and our metropolitan area provided state education, youth and sports materials. Again, our municipality has completed the facility now. , We are creating a protocol with professional sports clubs in our city to take these athletes one step further. Today we are creating a protocol for the Adam Volleyball Club. Adam Volleyball, We have a success story in the field. Congratulations to management, teachers and athletes. This protocol defines talent in all schools and includes institutions belonging to national education, local governments and youth sports. Assigned to clubs on a neighborhood scale, courses are held from public education outside of school hours. Our goal is for each sports club to take care of one talented young person with the right infrastructure. , The traffic problem is solved by our metropolitan area and we will crown Sports City Gaziantep with such cooperation. There are two important points here. First, the operation of the club We have our own business and we do this as a social responsibility. They do it by raising their own funds in a completely unique way, without burdening the city. The second is Every girl. In other words, it’s a social responsibility project that is entirely aimed at girls and created in a unique way.

We would like to thank the mayor of the metropolitan area, the director of the National Education Bureau, the director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the district governor, the district municipalities, and arguably the manager of Adam Volleyball, who manages these clubs on their own. rack. “

וDR قSB וLGוNSOY “We promise a championship now”

Adam Volleyball CEO Idrisbilginsoy thanked him for his support in the sport and said: I promise in advance that I will win the Gaziantep next year. Of course, with the Protocol we signed, we have opened a very important door for young athletes with your significant support. Currently, 5,700 students are being screened at 22 schools. This process continues very quickly after the protocol. We believe that we will use the protocol as soon as possible to provide opportunities for many athletes. “

After the speech, the protocol signing ceremony was held.

Project goals;

The main purpose of the project is children. Healthy personality and personality balanced in physical, mental, moral, spiritual and emotional, free and scientific thinking power, broad world view, respect for human rights, personality and corporate value, and responsibility to society I have. To be constructive, creative and productive people.

In this regard, prepare sports for girls, martyrs and veteran children in and around the Gadian Tep Center to live through volleyball, contribute to student growth and guarantee our future. Develop a habit of learning, sports culture and discovering talented athletes in the short term (0-2 years) The general objectives are team mix, medium-term (2-4 years) representative teams, and long-term (2-4 years). 4 years) is to train athletes for the Olympics. 4-6 years).