Activities of several political parties suspended in Ukraine

Activities of several political parties suspended in Ukraine

Zelenskiy addressed the Ukrainians in a video message, “Ukraine has always sought a peaceful solution. Moreover, we are on the most peaceful side. Counting all who lost their lives. Because all the families were destroyed, all the houses were destroyed. It’s important to us because we are Ukrainians and some of them. “People are precious.” rice field.

Zelenskiy emphasized that the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council has decided to suspend the activities of some political parties during the martial arts period in view of the widespread war in the country, “for life. Opposition Platform “,” Sharia Party “,” Our “,” He is “Opposition Block”, “Left Opposition”, “Left Army Union”, “State”, “Ukrainian Progressive Socialist Party”, “Ukrainian Socialist Party” , Described the activities of the “socialist” and the “Vladimir Sardo Brock” party was discontinued.

Recalling that the “Vladimir Sardo Brock” party was unknown in Ukraine and was founded in Kherson before the election, Zelensky said that the party was a member of the pro-Russian army and a member of the Kherson city council. He pointed out that it has something to do with Sardo, who allegedly participated in the founding. The so-called People’s Republic of Kherson.

Convened in Swiss Parliament

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to speak in parliaments, although Russia continues to attempt to invade Ukraine.

Zelenskiy said in a video-to-video speech to members of the Swiss Parliament that Russian bank accounts that started the war in Ukraine should be frozen in Switzerland.

“Your bank has the money of those who started this war,” Zelensky said, emphasizing the importance of freezing the Swiss bank account of the person responsible for the war in Ukraine.

“As this is also a fight against evil, the assets, the accounts of these people will be completely frozen. This is a big fight and you can do it,” said Vladimir Zelensky. .. He said.

Zelensky said it was fair to deprive those who enjoy life in Switzerland of these privileges: “When Switzerland is with us it is definitely successful, and when Ukraine is with you. It will definitely be stronger. ” I used the phrase.

Zelenskiy has previously addressed parliaments in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Poland.

Support from New Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that he had talked over the phone with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and said he had repeated strong support for Ukraine and its people.

In a statement on the Prime Minister’s official website, Ardern announced that he had telephoned with Shmyhal about the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

“To repeat the clear condemnation of Russia’s aggression,” Ardern said, “Prime Minister Shmyhal went to New Zealand, one of the first countries to take swift and practical action against Russia’s aggression.” Thank you. (Russian President Jacinda Ardern) Putin’s condemnation of unjust, unjust and illegal attacks on Ukraine. “

“New Zealand will continue to call on Russia to immediately stop military operations in Ukraine and withdraw permanently to prevent further loss of innocent lives,” said Jacinda Ardern. He shared his opinion.

Ardern emphasized that his country would continue to support Ukraine and said it would continue to impose sanctions on Russia in return.

New Zealand has put 364 politicians and military personnel on the travel ban list as part of its sanctions against Russia. Numerous civilian names and organizations are on the sanctions list, banning Russian ships and aircraft from entering the New Zealand border, including by freezing assets.