Abdullah Abju has announced! “An offer came from Germany …”

Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avc has issued a statement about the new season.

“Our displacement cost is higher”

I can’t pass Umraniye. Recep Uçar experienced such feelings in his district. I hope they will succeed too. Istanbul will be a comfortable area for the team. They travel easily by bus. Of course, I never come to Istanbul (laughs). I think we need more than broadcasting income. Our travel expenses are higher. We have big goals. Let’s live, let’s see.

“If they continue this way, they will get a refund.”

How about the stadium? Do you comply? All hard work should be blessed. Congratulations not only to the winners but also to those participating in the race. You need a situation where you develop games and invest in people. As for the media, the work isn’t over, they’re still working. Don’t forget Bandirma. Umraniye Spor, Bandil Maspol … We played a match, they were giving a message on their way to the Super League. We had a goodwill match, but there was a serious match. Congratulations to the Bandırma audience. This is the first time this has happened in Bandırma’s history. If you continue as it is, you will receive a reward. Congratulations on your efforts.

“There is no place like Riva in Europe”

Riva is actually my professional starting point. They were a very prefabricated place, I had a dream. When I became the coach of the A National Football Team, I participated in the project. During the time of Yıldırım Demirören, the Riva facility was built beyond European standards. There is no place like Riva in Europe. The staff working inside also knows how to appeal to the soccer team. This year will be the first stage as well. If you can bring in a good team, the Champions League will be a pre-playoff test. The season will open in Trabzon on the 27th of this month. Preliminary preparation is measurement. After spending 3-4 days in Trabzon, continue in Riva.

Flash word from Abdullah Abju! “Boateng, Ozan Tufan, Oguzhan Ozyakup …”

“We are in a position to meet our one-year salary budget.”

Last year we had a good team. We created a team suitable for the championship and the players reacted on their way to the goal. Extensive training risks injuring players of certain ages. Make a training plan accordingly. We have excellent staff. But we play for the championship again. There are also Champions League playoff games. On behalf of football in this country, on behalf of Trabzonspor, and most importantly, there is a situation that meets our annual salary budget. Became a champion on a lower budget than other teams. But even if we can’t continue, we will continue there in Europe. There are at least 50 games in the new season. Therefore, you need to plan your staff.

“We’re back to the left, we’re looking for a 6-8 player.”

Last year I exchanged eight left backs. Go back to the left. Losing Edgar and Bruno, the season ended. Right center back, left back, maybe right back. Selkan was also injured. There are also plans for a central midfielder. We are looking for 6-8 players. The case of Nuwakaeme is floating in the air. You have the potential to become a side player. Of course, some will leave and others will stay. Maybe there is an offer. Currently, the national team camp is continuing. It works better than last year. There are teams to compete. I have an iPad in my hand and follow every development.

Star soccer transfer

It’s great to bring a star player to your organization. Like Hamsík … you talk about everything with such players. Is he a star player or a useful player for the team? If a star player joins the organization, he must be a good player. How much does a club cost? Of course, I will move while looking there.

“The status of Nuwakaeme is in the air.”

The case of Anthony Nuwakaeme is floating in the air. I am a coach of Trabzonspor. I would like to talk about my decision on whether or not Nuwakaeme will stay. I give my opinion about the actor, while I think about the institution. Sometimes we even braked the transfer. Nuwakaeme is a respected player in the group and has good communication with me. We talked about staying. He said it himself. There is a process. I haven’t heard from you for 2 weeks. Video chat is also available if the situation arises. I don’t know the details. It’s an economy. He is not a problem player. The club is trying to attract its own budget.

“AHMETCAN KAPLAN has an offer from Germany”

The Ahmet Kanka Plan is one of the key sources of Trabzonspor’s infrastructure. There are players outside the team of the champion team. This is a very valuable situation. He was training when I went 18 months ago. Great physique, left foot, defender, open to development. I try to implement whatever I give. I told him to make this kid the face of Trabzonspor. He has come a long way. It is spoken in Europe today. I have an offer for investment purposes. I also got the information. We make decisions for the best interests of our players and clubs. I remember it as if it were an offer from Germany. I heard that a team investing in Germany will follow up and submit an offer. He can play in any league. Ambitious actor. He has to give way. He is a good boy. You need to make the right investment.


Evaluate if Edgar and Gervinho pass all the tests. It will be decided accordingly. Evaluate and determine Abdulkadir Finger.

“ABDULK ADIRLIFE is a special actor”

You need to think about life from both sides. “I regret not giving him,” the president said. Sometimes you need to give it at the right time. Very special player. I worked with a Turkish brand player. He is one of them. He is a player who can make a difference when his focus is football. If you have a good transfer model, you can make an evaluation.

“I worked with a player like Hamsík.”

I worked with players like Hamsík. I don’t want to get over many players. Then they say they want it, they want it. If Hamsík doesn’t end in his head, he will play for another 2-3 years. An exemplary player. All exemplary players. Anyone who invests in him also invests in his son. He also left the national team to avoid injury. He also has a school in Slovakia. That’s a great name. I can talk about Sari, I can talk about anything.

“BAŞAKŞEH0054R, University for Me”

This game is no longer a mixed game with emotions. It’s an organized game. I embrace change and development. I am working with my team. I have a game plan. As a team, we are having a hard time. The Basakshehir era was like a university to me. It was a place where I was completely focused on the field. Başakşehir has trained many players. It went on little by little, but there was no championship. But; what we said most. We are losing credibility. It’s clear we’ve been doing that for 7 years!

“I said this is not a PlayStation.”

I lost the game of Fenerbahce. It ended in 2-0. He said he would start doing this even if it hurts. Flexibility may be required depending on the player and opponent. Start with the path “Where did it come from?” To say they. Or vice versa. Coaches need to have the flexibility of the game. I have been using it clearly in Trabzonspor for 1.5 years. A teacher on my team said, “Where do we start?” Said. I looked back. “I get results,” I said. The media was asking if he was going to attack. He said, “This is not a PlayStation.” You need patience, not time, and you need patience to get results. How do you develop your game? You need to have the flexibility of thinking. I’m not satisfied with some games. It will continue next year.

“Everyone survived in time!”

I’ve been playing about 70 games since I came here. I lost 6 times. The record was broken in 1.5 years. We have an organization. In 70 games, the opponent couldn’t have a complete advantage. Trabzonspor jerseys are already competing. It was the team who wrote this story for a large team in Istanbul. Trabzonspor jerseys make you feel great in the field. How can I do better? There wasn’t a big team last year. I didn’t get close! We continued to win. Everyone surrendered in half time. is not it? They didn’t even transfer. Two-cup coach Sergen Yalçı has left. Pereira is gone. An important coach of Galatasaray has left. Everyone exploded. I was satisfied with the result. Everyone is grateful to Trabzonspor. The presidents of Fenerbahce and Galatasaray also said. Thank you very much.

“I’m drawing some unfortunate lots”

There are no competitors I’m paying attention to. Currently, every team in Europe has plans and strategies. I played a match in Molde and Rome … It’s clear that Rome was a success. “They are not conference league teams,” Mourinho said of us. I also thank him. We are back from the post with Basakshehir and Emre of Sevilla. I couldn’t go that day, but now it’s not. Every match is difficult. We are prepared in the best possible way. I can’t say he should come out, this should come out. But he draws an unfortunate picture (laughs).

“We want to be champions and stay in the Champions League.”

It was very comfortable. The fans made us feel good. You don’t know what coaching looks like. Our business is a performance business. It can take up to a week in the world. In Europe, they value technicians in the philosophy of games. Not like us. When I came to the last two teams, I did a needs analysis. I am telling you my principle of operation. If that’s happening, you’re starting. Please do your best in anything. I want to achieve the closest goal. We want to be champions and stay in the Champions League.


What does Jesus add? I will show you when. Soccer is a place of great change in a large community. Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Galatasaray are always in the race.


You have to see the growth of the technician. Konyaspor … We have to pay homage, they are doing very well. Başakşehir has a memory. Emre Belözoğlu continues by improving memory. Nuri Shahin is my player from Antalyaspor. He has a great job. Good as a coach. Omer Erdoğn, Chagdash Hoka … Erol Bulut ran Fenerbahce a year ago. A new generation of coaches are serious about it. Administrators need to provide time and support to such technicians.

“I am very open to innovation.”

I am very open to innovation. Even if you don’t go by yourself, we will dispatch a team. “I’m going to see what’s happening in Manchester City. Go to Bayern Munich and go to Dortmund. I’m trying to implement it according to the report I received. We have great kids in our department I make free space for them. We produce them. Everyone has different tasks. Different people practice set balls.

“Even if I had the right to vote for Ballon d’Or, I gave it to Bruin.”

Karim Benzema is okay, but if I had the right to vote, I would vote for Kevin De Bruyne at Ballon d’Or. He is an actor I really like.

“Dad also wore a hat.”

Before going to Trabzon, I wore a hat. I like to dress up. I spent my childhood on Istiklal Street. My father also wore it. I was interested. The long break has passed. I buy the fabric myself and tell the model. There is a measurement. It will be done to me. I explained in the facility. The history of Trabzon is very important. I saw the cap of Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı. I wasn’t dressed properly, but … I said I would wear a cap if I won. When the game was over, I wore a hat. Trabzon has a lot of money, thank you. They said loyalty, attribution and respect. It was sold in stores on World Caps Day. You need to check the opening of the cap. We thank all the fans for their support.

“I respect Stefan Kuntz’s understanding.”

I respect the understanding of all coaches. Describes the game. I was talking about this at the publisher. I respect the teacher’s understanding. With a good organization, you can leave the C League and move on to another story. There are always ups and downs. I’m always looking for something better. I also served there. We need support and respect.

“That’s when I know the championship.”

Trabzon has many beautiful stories. We are champions, we will be. We told them not to be sad that we couldn’t stay in March. We have already done that, it is normalized. We got on a boat, everywhere under the smoke. The port is invisible to humans. Boats are used like cars. At that time, I realized the championship. I said it was a big deal. Trabzonspor fans are always an example. There was no problem, the whole world saw Trabzonspor. Clubs and fans set an example. There was an energy burst. They continue to be an example to everyone, thank you again.