A three-year signature from the Ottoman Zeki Cork Pine in Istanbul Spor!

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A three-year contract was signed with Istanbul Spor’s Ottoman Zeki Korkumatu, who won the Sporto 1st League playoffs and was promoted to the Super League.

In a statement from the club, “We have signed a new contract with technical director Othmanzeki Korkumaz. After the 2021-202 season when we were promoted to the Super League, our club was technical director Othmanzeki Korkmatsu. And signed a new three-year contract. ”The formula was used.

Ottoman Zeki Korkmatsu who spoke after signing. “I am very happy to be working here. I would like to thank our president, Ecmel Faik Sarıalioğlu, and our board of directors for always being behind us and supporting us on our way to the championship. Is a successful championship season. Istanbul Spor, with its unique gaming culture, will also add color to the Super League after the first league. More will be added. The signature I gave today is informative. Yes, I hope we can start a new process. For our community. “He said.

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Visit to Istanbul Boys High School

In the Spor Toto 1st league, Istanbul was promoted to the super league 17 years after defeating Bandırmaspor 2-1 in the playoff final. President Ecmel Sarıalioğlu, coach Osman Zeki Korkmaz, team captains 0054brahim Yılmaz and Muammer Sarıkaya met with students from Istanbul Boys High School, where the foundation of the Yellow-Black Club was laid. The Istanbul Spor players were greeted by the students at the school with a banner that says “Welcome to your home”.

Istanbul Spor President Ekmel Sal Arioul, Ottoman Zeki Korkmaz, Team Captain Ibrahim Yırmaz, Soccer Player Muamel Sarkaya, The legendary name of the club playing in Istanbul Spor, Club Founder Kemal Harim Gürgen , Iskender Gürgen, Istanbul Boys High School Manager Hussein Sal student attended the event. President Sarıalioğlu and coach Osman Zeki Korkmaz presented the school principal Hüsey in Sarı with the Istanbul Spor emblem and the Istanbul Spor jersey shield.

In appreciation for the participation of Istanbul Spor, the principal, Hüsey in Sarı, said: , And my players. “

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Meanwhile, Istanbul President Ekmel Sariyarioul said, “We have endeavored to do what we believe in the truth.”

OSMANZEK0054KORKMAZ: Today we are back in our soul

Ottoman Zeki Korkmatsu, who was successfully promoted to the Super League with Istanbul Spor, said, “I sweated this brilliant jersey with a young and amateur team. Today’s coach Muhittin is with me. Today’s tournament is back home. From body to soul. If Istanbul Spor is the body, this school is the home of wisdom. “It is his soul. Today we have returned to our soul. This is ours. I am the greatest happiness. “

Iskender Gergen, son of Kemal Harim, founder of Istanbul Spor: Our players play with love and bring us back where we want

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Iskender Gürgen, son of Kemal Harim Gürgen, the founder of Istanbul Spor, began his speech by asking the students where the color of the club came from. Istanbul Spor is a club founded in 1926, all from Istanbul high school boys. Our players played lovingly and brought us back to the right place for us. Hopefully, thanks to our manager and the people who support this club, the team has been in the right place for years. “We play with love and win with love,” he said.

Team Captain Ibrahim Yırmaz: We Take Istanbul Spor to its Worth Place

Team captain Ibrahim Yırmaz said they would best represent Istanbul Spor and continue in the same way, saying, “This championship should be a gift to the legendary names of all fans and clubs. We have represented Istanbul Spor in the best possible way for many years. “We continue to do the same. We have brought Istanbul Spor to the right place. Our success. I think it will continue to be exponential, “he said. ..