A soccer player with cerebral hemorrhage returned in a “helmet” five months later

Caykur Rize Spor’s midfielder Imran, who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage due to a head injury in a collision with an opponent when the U-16 soccer team in the metropolitan area Erzurum Spor played against each other during a match five months ago.・ Gul (16) is back. The field after his treatment. Imran, who went out to the field with a protective helmet on his head again in the first match against Erzurumspor in the metropolitan area and won 3-0, said, “When I regained my senses, I thought I could return to the green field. I was looking forward to it. I am happy to be in the field again. “

Imlangul hits the ball in 15 minutes of a match between Chai Kul Rize Spor and the Metropolitan municipal Erzurum Spor U-16 soccer team at Rize’s Mehmet Sengis Facilities on November 28, 2021. Did. Club doctors and healthcare professionals intervened in two players who fell to the ground. After those moments, which were also shown on the camera, Gul, who left the field, was taken to Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Training and Research Hospital. Imran Gür, who was determined to have had a cerebral hemorrhage due to a head injury, underwent surgery. Imran Guru, who had been treated for five months after surgery, returned to his longing green field as soon as he recovered. Imran, who won the team 3-0 after returning to the field with a protective helmet on his head in his first match against the metropolitan Erzurumspor, experienced great happiness. Fans also supported Imran.

“By doing more work, I make you say” IMRAN is back “

Imran Gul expressed his delight in the field and said:

“I was beaten on my way to the headball. I fainted and was taken to the hospital. When I woke up, I had surgery, but I couldn’t remember anything. I could go back to the green field. I was looking forward to this moment when I realized it. I’m glad to be in the field again. They said so. This gave me morals. I have 5 days. I was looking forward to the day when I returned to the green field. After months of waiting, I finally returned to the field. It was a coincidence that I returned to the field in the match of the team that caused the accident. In the last 5 minutes of the match , The coach teamed me up. At that time, I was bigger than the fans. “I saw a lot of support. It’s an unforgettable moment for me. I lost 5 months. I lost my fault as soon as possible. I’ve recovered and my old days. I’ll do my best and let you say, “Imran is back.” “

“Faith takes her back to the field”

Hakan Turanli, Technical Manager of the Vehicle Rize Spor U-16 Team, said: Imran’s belief brought him back to the field. When Imran played again, “He and the fans at the stand were very happy. We forgot all those bad days. There is no obstacle for Imran to play football in the next period. You will see Imran. By planning in a controlled way, again among us in the new season, “he said.

“He makes up for the lost time.”

“I saw this unfortunate event in the Erzurumspor game. I experienced great sadness. Imran and all the players are invaluable to us. Surgery.” I waited for the later process to finish as soon as possible. Now Imran is back in the green field. We are very happy. After that, Imran will make up for the lost time with more effort. ” Said.

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