A representative of LaLiga Turkey spoke to TRT SPOR-TRT Spor

From 2009, Liga made its name in the world until almost 2017.

In a rivalry between El Clásico and Messi-Ronaldo, he locked all football fans on the screen. But in the last five years, this situation has moved a little further. So what happened and why did it happen? … Turkey National Team Mete Türkmenoğlu answered our question.

What are you doing for the brand value of LaLiga?

“In the past, the brand value of LaLiga has depended on the sporting performance of the players and clubs playing in LaLiga. Our goal is to grow LaLiga independently of sporting performance. The basis is LaLiga’s specialization in the sports sector. It has 700 employees, but by 2022 it reached 700. The LaLiga Global Network Project I am in is located in 45 countries, and we are implementing projects in each country by assigning representatives of LaLiga to strategic countries. “

Ronaldo’s rivalry with Messi happened all over the world. Did these two players leave the league and reduce their views?

“Undoubtedly, the Ronaldo-Messi era is one of the most beautiful eras in LaLiga. It was great to have two stars like them join FC Barcelona and Real Madrid rivals at the same time. Which team / It will also rob the league. Our role as a league represents the brand value of the club and the league. It is to grow and continue to contribute to football. All players will one day say goodbye to his career. I have to tell you. On my supporters’ side, I’m a soccer fan who likes to think that clubs are always more important than one player. Looking at the numbers, the audience rating of the match is steadily increasing. As a factor, it was natural for everyone to spend more time at home and break the record of watching games. The actual test was to make up for the income lost during the pandemic. Lack of resources such as income, museum income, etc .. The most important move in LaLiga today is to provide teams with international stuff to provide international growth strategies and coordinate them. Teams are associated with different countries and can only be used to create long-term supporters, which can influence viewers outside Spain over time. “

Everyone thought that a new rivalry was between Harland and Mbappe … but didn’t both like LaLiga?

“Yes, there may have been rivals similar to Ronaldo and Messi’s rivals. LaLiga has a very strict and serious financial fair play system. This effect was seen in Messi’s transfer last year. Liga’s Financial Control System Always encourages clubs to think long-term. A system that needs to meet certain sound criteria in the income / expenditure section. Such stars may go to other teams in the short term. But we need to prioritize sustainability. PSG lost 220 million. Last year in the euro, the annual salary budget was 650 million, which is not the case for Messi. The ability to make offers is outside the scope of financial fair play. How sustainable is this? I don’t think LaLiga has lost support .. Villareal wrote a wonderful European story this year. The Real Madrid Championship has come early, but the gap is starting to close compared to the previous period, which we believe will make our product valuable and more interesting to football fans. . “”

Finally, what is the level of interest in Turkey’s LaLiga?

“Turkey is a football-loving country, so after all, interest in Turkey is stable. It’s very natural for LaLiga to get a certain audience. At the same time, reach young football fans. Is very important. It is very important. It is important to connect with the team and LaLiga has achieved many breakthroughs to facilitate this. ELaLiga (our e-sports league) is in Turkey. Active, Guti and Eto’o visited Turkey for El Clasico. Increasingly interacting with Turkey on social media. The Enesunal season was a very good factor for us. The agenda is Getafe. We only witnessed a few weeks. We are very pleased with such stories and it is best to increase them. We will continue to watch small games this year and watch games with our fans. We have finished the season. Our job is to continue this, create the LaLiga community in Turkey and meet this community on both digital and physical channels. “