A real conductor has the right notes.

Fenerbahçe has made 12 transfers, Everyone is talking about Jorge Jesus. He is always on the agenda in elections and the system. Back for you Portuguese coachAlso His lead with 12 games remainingTo application form Look what do you saythis The reason I ask is again on these pages Ismail Kartar should continue you say do you agree?

With that staff, if Ismail Kartar was still alive, we would have succeeded, and I still think so. But Jorge Jesus made his own roster with 12 new players and now a new situation arises.Jesus is a true conductor and always gets the right note. Remember, in a game where he put his Emre Mor in in the second half, he took them out 20 minutes after him and started him in his 11 the following week.so to the team “What am i If I say it will happen, he who believes in me will win.” give a message. That is why soccer players and managers are afraid of their sole decision-makers, the coaches. Jesus is on the right track.

kick referee Yes what happened!
Josef de Souza to fans entering the field get a red card for obstruction I was punished.Besiktas and players use this card He countered that he was wrong. The Arbitration Board imposed a one-game red card penalty. he supported.Also a former soccer player you as a manager How would you rate what happened?
Let me give you just one answer to this question. he enters the field crazy playerAlso not to judge after kicking When Joseph presses it, it turns red again. does he look at the cards?

G.SARAY transformed into a strawberry field
To the Super League of the past few weeks Heavy for the championship when you see Can any team beat this?
I think this season will be a historic contest, fitting for the 100th anniversary of the Republic. number one Technicians are in Fenerbahçe… The presidents of Trabzonspor and Besiktas showed very good management and early on they made their way with teachers and staff. Galatasaray is the past Two of the team that finished the season in 13th place Change to Los Galacticos within a month, Due to Elden Temur’s skill… Galatasaray, which was waiting for strawberries, has now turned into a strawberry field. This quartet is together until the last moment.

Who is most like “I DON’T TELL” if he’s showing, he’s complaining
I attended A Spor the day before. Live Fatih Terim when he was in charge of the team want more punishment Some directors are from Galatasaray. You explained it, but you didn’t name it. This statement of yours was widely reported. It became a hot topic on SNS. Some people criticize you.why now because you said so. What?
why did i say now It came to mind when I saw the commercial for the Fatih Terim documentary on Netflix. I said. “Hey Fatih Terim. to get rid of you in time despite management complaining to TFFBan The man whose documentary is still filmed you. ” I said it on TV.who is the best today “I didn’t say” If he’s screaming, he’s the one who complained about Terim.

OKAN this chance we should use well
Galatasaray have added a great star to their squad. The team leader is a young local engineer. Okan Buruk.Can he manage this staff?diced In an interview, he said his job was getting harder and harder.
Like him, Okan Buruk’s success depends on his players. As a young coach, he earns the players’ respect to the extent that he imposes himself on the team, and they fight selflessly. Mom is very lucky.such a squad Had it been in Terim’s hands, today’s Galatasaray would be a completely different world. you’re on target. He should make good use of this chance.

Waste of Kunz time!
Instead of Stefan Kunz backstage at the national team Sergen Yalçın has a claim for the future.you are the nation As a former team leader, you heard things like this Is that so?What do you think of the name Sergen Jalchin? We know You are playing against a foreign teacher for the national team.
Again, I emphasize. Foreign coaches should not manage the Turkish national team and should be staffed by local coaches. League champions like Sergen Jalchin See, there are options like mori while Spending time with Kuntz is a mistake.