A professional lawyer allegedly abused a doctor … the truth came out

In an incident that took place at the Mura Training and Research Hospital on the night of March 14, a claim was made that specialist lawyer AA had defeated doctor TT. After the incident, military personnel on suspicion of assault were suspended for the safety of the investigation. In a statement by Prosecutor Mura, “It is necessary to submit applicable treatment and treatment documents in a discussion between a member of the military who came to the Mura Training and Research Hospital complaining of AA and appendicitis and a doctor in the emergency room TT. Suspicious AA confidentiality was reported to TT, whether there was any, during an investigation conducted by our Supreme Prosecutor regarding allegations of insulting employees, deliberately damaging or damaging property. When the camera records of the security crime scene were brought in, scrutinized and evaluated along with all the evidence in the file, the suspect’s evidence and nature, and especially the current status of the property, were obtained. Based on the records of the security camera, it was judged that it was appropriate to apply the judicial control regulations to the suspect, and the investigation of the problem was carried out with great care. “

A record of a security camera of an event held in the emergency department of Mura Education and Research Hospital has appeared. Professional lawyer AA was sent documents from Yatagan State Hospital, doctors were not ready to receive these documents, and the professional lawyer who did not submit the documents left the scene and stabbed into the wall. group.

After the incident, the President of the Federation of Experts, Ali Tirukichi, said in a statement on social media, “We openly defeat all kinds of violence and attempts against the health sector that entrust our lives. However, this statement believes that the incident experienced by separating all health areas is exceptional and personal. The incident involving our palms is actually reflected in the media and society. I think it is necessary to make this statement to show that it has not been done in the media.

AA, who was in charge of Yaturn’s Constitutional Command, was admitted to Yatan State Hospital on March 14, 2023 due to severe abdominal pain, and upon examination, he may have a gallbladder or appendages. I was sent to the Mura Training and Research Hospital because of insufficient technical equipment. After this referral, a professional lawyer who attended the Mura Training and Research Hospital showed the analysis performed at Yaturn State Hospital and was treating him at the time in response to this request with the ultrasound examination that was the reason for the referral. This event, except for the doctors who did. Dr. TT’s reaction “No one is here to do ultrasound,” he hadn’t had an ultrasound.

No matter how hard I tried at the request of a professional lawyer, when I left the ambulance crew and went to a winter shelter to go to a private medical institution, I had a test report from Yatagan State Hospital and did not complain. rice field. He said he would complain about this situation because of the severe pain he experienced. Dr. TT, who wanted to get the paperwork for the purpose, attacked and beat a professional lawyer from behind. We pressed the palm of our expert against the wall and hit him with a companion next to him.

Despite this incident, our professional lawyer, who did not act maliciously against this doctor who attacked him, left the scene with his companion who was a professional military police lawyer like him. I did.

After this incident, the appointed doctor saved him from our professional lawyers insulting, beating, attacking him, hitting his neck, back, face and not burning him in his profession. Insisted. White code as soon as we leave there. I received a report of assault from his colleague. However, contrary to the dissatisfaction of the doctor and the people around him, as clearly seen in the images of the security cameras, it was the doctor and his companions who started and continued the attack, and it was Dr. TT and his surroundings. People. “The palms of our experts never beat the doctor, and he’s in pain, but he’s trying to get away from it as soon as possible by bleeding from the attack,” he said. rice field.