A new tension between North Korea and South Korea! They fired missiles at each other …

It was announced that North Korea had launched a new missile into the Sea of ​​Japan, which has increased the number of missile tests conducted by Pyongyang since the beginning of 2022 to 11. The South Korean army has announced that it has launched a missile in response to a North Korean missile test, but a message of condemnation has arrived from the United States.

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News of new tensions came from another corner of the world, while the whole world followed a breathtaking war between Russia and Ukraine for about a month.

North Korea was reported to have accelerated its missile program in 2022 and conducted another missile test, despite UN sanctions and the reaction of the world’s people. This time, North Korea’s new missile test was immediately responded to and South Korea took action.

South Korea responds

South Korean troops have announced that they have launched missiles in response to North Korean missile tests. “We launched missiles from land, sea and air in response to ballistic missiles launched by North Korea,” the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

Japan has set a crisis table

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defense, Pyongyang launched a new missile, which appears to be a ballistic missile, at 14:40 local time today. The missile appears to have fallen outside Japan’s economic sphere, and the government has set up a crisis management desk in the Prime Minister’s Office to collect detailed information and analyze data.

News broadcast on file footage of North Korean missile experiments

Missile trial increased to 11

A South Korean staff member also confirmed the test, but said Seoul continued to collect detailed information in cooperation with the United States. In the last missile test, Pyongyang has conducted 11 missile tests since the beginning of 2022.
Last missile attempt failed

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The United States has accused North Korea of ​​testing new intercontinental missiles and urged the world to blame North Korea for violating UN Security Council resolutions.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Washington strongly condemned North Korea’s long-range ballistic missile test.

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Saki’s statement “This move by North Korea is a serious breach of several UN Security Council resolutions. North Korea unnecessarily increases tensions and risks to destabilize the security situation in the region.” I used an expression.

Japan: unacceptable

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who is in Brussels to attend the G7 summit, has accused North Korea of ​​its latest missile test as “reckless” and “unacceptable.” Prime Minister Kishida said, “We will continue to collect information in close cooperation with the United States and other countries. We will continue to be vigilant and do our utmost to ensure the peace and security of our country. North Korea’s actions threaten peace and security.” rice field.Japan, region, and international community

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said he was very concerned about North Korea’s actions, noting that the fall of the missile into the exclusive economic zone would jeopardize the navigational safety of aircraft and ships in the area. Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno of Japan said no damage had been found in the area yet.

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UN decision violation

President Moon Jae-in accused the launch, saying that North Korea’s actions pose a threat to the Korean Peninsula and the international community. President Moon Jae-in said the North Korean missile test “violates the UN Security Council resolution.”

“All parties should focus on the general peace and stability situation on the peninsula,” said Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, in a statement. We should work together to move forward. “

New tensions between North Korea and South Korea They launched mutual missiles ...

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North Korea is not listening to anyone

Since the beginning of 2022, North Korea has launched 10 missiles, including hypersonic and intercontinental ballistic missiles, and conducted its final missile test on March 16. It was announced that the missile test conducted by Pyongyang was unsuccessful in a short period of time.