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My title is president Erdogan’From the speech at the beginning of s. I would like to touch upon the message of this speech, but first I would like to talk about the forum, which has become a great platform for Turkey’s active diplomacy. 2022 main theme “Resume diplomacy Edit to. ” The forum came to the fore at a conference that attracted the attention of the world’s capitals.Russian and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers and Foreign Ministers on Thursday Cubsoguru I met under his facilitation. At yesterday’s forum, leaders, diplomats, scholars and journalists discussed the potential for diplomacy to be effective again.
It was also significant that a forum was held with participants from 75 countries during the time when the Russian-Ukraine War pushed the international system into new uncertainties and sought diplomatic solutions. Ça vuşoğlu was the opening speech of the forum “Five Turkish foreigner’s 100-year gift Emphasize it in diplomacy “To a new language and understanding” Emphasized the need. As you know, Turkey is the country that has received the most attention to the unfair structure of the current international system. Erdogan’of “more A just world is possible. ” Its motto is a longtime Turkish song underRoma Let’s reactivate A reflection of your quest. Turkey does not want the international system, including the United Nations, to collapse, but rather to be reformed in response to changes in the world.UN Secretary-General attended the forum on video Guterres, “Diplomacy is the soul of the Charter of the United Nations.” Say this “Challenger In a few days ” He supported the quest to rebuild diplomacy.

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President Erdogan, who has recently been very active in diplomatic movements within the framework of both the Ukrainian crisis and normalization policy, reiterated his opening remarks. Injustice in the world Opposition, hunger, conflict It became the voice of the victim. Also for the purpose of rebuilding diplomacy “To build a world of peace You have to do it, not war. ” Defined by the statement. Prime Minister Erdogan pointed out the fraudulent establishment established for the benefit of the five countries that won after World War II, and said the system is now flagging for bankruptcy due to the crisis in Ukraine. He noted how one of the UN’s permanent members of the conflict (Russia) locked the system.
Security Council Injustice, Between permanent members and permanent members difference Marked with emphasis.Prime Minister Erdogan, reform of the UN system is not unique to Turkey “Humanity with our country For their benefit. ” He expressed his wish: “Peace instead of the status quo, instead of the five countries Serve all humanity. New global security architecture Should be established. “

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Below these statements was the desire to take diplomacy to a new level. According to Prime Minister Erdogan, diplomacy should be active before the crisis, not after it occurs. All unaddressed issues will ultimately hurt those who ignore them. Before problems arise, we need to strengthen our timely intervention rather than establishing peace.To Ukraine crisis “Between our neighbors Turn crisis into conflict That is the most worrisome to us. ” Pointing out that, Prime Minister Erdogan clearly criticized Russia’s aggression and asked the following question: “If there was an invasion of Crimea in 2014 West, if the whole world makes a noise Would you like to face the picture? “ Prime Minister Erdogan also criticized Russia’s isolation of Russia in the new Cold War spirit. He likened Russian culture and the exclusion of musicians to the Mongolian ruler flag. “New flag do not want” Said.
Turkey is pioneering a new understanding of diplomacy through both discourse and practice. Indeed, searching for a new paradigm is not romantic. It aims to protect Turkey’s interests and the fundamental values ​​of mankind. The most obvious example of Erdogan’s realist approach in foreign policy, which integrates values ​​and interests, is the aggressive diplomacy he showed during the Ukrainian crisis. The world may not yet be ready for this new paradigm. But in an era when global uncertainty and competition between great powers are blinding our horizons. Before us To a new paradigm phone Always worth it.

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Burhanettin Duran | A new paradigm in diplomacy