A new era of referee appointments-TRT Spor


In Bol, a seven-day Central Referees Committee Summer Seminar has begun to train referees to participate in the 2022-2023 season.

The seminar, which began at the hotel in Caracas, was attended by MHK President Sabri Cherik, TFF President Mehmet Buyukekshi, UEFAVAR trainer Pavel Gil and the referee.

“Super League appointments are made in a hybrid system.”

Sabri Cherik, Chairman of the Central Arbitration Commission, gave the opening speech of the seminar: When you create and test your application, you will automatically see about 40 separate inputs collected in 3 separate pools. The discretion of the Central Arbitration Commission will only be effective when necessary. To ensure transparency, we are ready to disclose the details of this program to football stakeholders. The VAR line applied throughout the season will be the same as the UEFA line. Establish another VAR team, similar to FIFA practice. Because of this, we have completed the work at various stages. We ask for your opinions and approvals as much as possible for these works. In addition, VAR referees from other countries will be involved as needed. “

“The number of observers will increase to two.”


Cherik said the number of observers has increased to two and the age has risen to 70. “From this season, two observers, the stadium and Riva, will be watching the tournament. Made for a more accurate assessment. This model also contributes to the development of referees. The average score of both observers is the referee’s grade. The observer report also employs a numerical system, which makes it difficult to obtain super league observers. Raised the age to 70 for UEFA, because almost every referee who has completed his career in the Super League wants to continue as a VAR referee. In five years, the current observer staff has been cut in half. I’m thinking of completing this squad from the squad below. “

Büyüke kşi: “We completely trust you.”

At the seminar, Turkish Football Federation Mehmet Büyükekşi said there was generally false information about foreign referees: “In the past year, Turkish referees have probably been more controversial than ever. That has had a negative impact on you and our football. I and my friends on the board hope that all these negatives will turn into positives this season. There are two issues that I think are being addressed. One is that the door is open to foreign referees. That is not the case at all. In principle, it is necessary rather than bringing in foreign referees. I decided to bring a VAR referee accordingly. I shared this with the general public. Just like exchanging students internationally like the Erasmus model, I was registered with the Erie Trefrey, especially UEFA. To replace my country, I decided to manage the match abroad and a foreign referee to manage the match. Other than this, there is no other decision. I trust you to the end. ” Told.

“I decided to separate the VAR and the field referee.”

Büyükekşi states that he has separated the field and VAR referees, saying: They managed the match with incredible traffic. It turns out that this has received reactions from many directions. Therefore, I decided to separate the VAR and the field referee. I think this is also very useful. We expect the referee to have a much better experience in this regard. This is because all subjects require specialization. I think the VAR referee will also be an expert in this regard. “

After the opening speech of the seminar, the TFF President presented shields and gifts to Fırat Aydınus, Bahattin Duran, Tarık Ongun and Orkun Aktaş.