A new era of ID cards!Minister Soil has announced that it is “80 percent complete.”

Minister Soil said at the “Population Training Program” held at the Directorate General of Van Security, the population has increased significantly, “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved, Turkey is a really big project and advanced. Even many of the countries call it MERN0054S, which is currently under-infrastructured. He operated it. At the same time, he managed it, removed its flaws and ensured integration with all institutions. This is extraordinary .. It essentially formed the most important infrastructure of our electronic government system today. “

Minister Soil, who also thanked the work of the population management staff, continued: “Each profession has its own loyalty to its own institution. But both employees of our population show loyalty to the institution, dialogue with the public. Most importantly, Being familiar with the developments they are making each time they pass. They are proud to serve their citizens together and make important efforts to take a step together and compare with the past. I’m paying. I have a lot of educational understanding. He wants to thank each of them individually in front of you. “

Regarding the process by which the population administration issues passports, driver’s licenses and ID cards from a single source, Minister Soil said, “When we arrive, ID cards will only be issued in Dusje, and some will be Kurkkale. Issued in. Inexperienced. Started issuing 3 in Population Administration. Started approval of simultaneous issuance of ID. By making a fixed amount of transactions per day, both renewal and change can be introduced. The number of passports was 10,000, which averaged 6,000 to 7,000 a day, but now it is 14 to 15,000. Depending on the day, 50,000 to 60,000, sometimes 12 We have 10,000 IDs. We will start our passport in another 15 days. Our friends were also excited. That day, our general manager, h we entered this business together. We didn’t sleep for a week. We had a minor glitch, but we moved the system from one side to the other. Probably a change that doesn’t happen in the world. When we provided it, I They said that an average of 25 million people enter these population administrations annually. This is not a small number. Where the state is responsible for the satisfaction of its citizens, where it needs to be fixed in the most important way. One is population administration. When you go to a bank and press a button, they give you a number and you sit and wait. People are waiting side by side in population administration. First, the idea of ​​population administration. Then we brought their software to a very good point.

There was a reservation system, and it was very troublesome and troublesome. Moved that booking system to a very good point. For the first time in Turkey, it is the first state agency to book both by computer and by phone. Therefore, we have reduced the density of the reservation system called Hello199. As a result, along with the concept of population, it has become a place where citizens can be serviced like modern banks. I put an orange color. Indeed, it’s a color that our people can rest assured when entering it. Of course, there were steps we had to take. Most importantly, we come here one day and the citizens are fingerprinting. We said it was not necessary to get fingerprints from all citizens. He fingerprinted his passport and his driver’s license, can we use them? There are biometric data systems in 6 countries around the world. we do not have. Do you understand that fingerprints can be integrated into security and fingerprints can be integrated here? They go to affiliates so we can do this. The company says, “I don’t.” “I don’t give you the fingerprint I got.” Sometimes they get angry with me, but I have some styles. I solved this problem in your style. But can a Muslim be stabbed again from where he was stabbed? Call your friends, make new software, make the 6th country in the world the 7th country, and think about biometric data software.

The police fund and Havelsan were brought together to establish a company. Indeed, the Police Fund has transferred 50 million lira of capital here. Havelsan has enhanced the capabilities and support of the software. From here, we created our own software in the world and built a system that can be regarded as an export product from now on. It is currently used by the gendarmerie, police, and all residents, not just the Immigration Bureau. .. We said that wasn’t enough. There is a scam in Turkey. Security is also our job. It is necessary to build an electronic authentication system. Citizens have to go to a certificate of title, we have an identity. He gives his identity, it’s a scam. As a result, it costs a lot of money. Going to a notary is a scam and going to a bank is a scam. We have established an electronic authentication system called EKDS. I did this again on the same system. We have now started from several places with a device similar to the pos device we call the ket device. Some of them are in the notary as pilots and some of them are in the banks. They will pass in two months. After that, when a citizen comes, when you draw an ID card with a POS device such as a credit card. It was clear that he made the deal and we started the fraud-free site again from here. “

Minister Soil also mentioned the combination of ID and driver’s license: “Our friends are very good at software. We believe and trust. Start uploading here and 3 million. More than a driver’s license has been uploaded to. ID card. That’s not enough. This is so important that we take a step towards digital signatures. “Important. The electronic system is fully integrated into our lives. By doing so, it was said that it wouldn’t happen. As a result, we had a date. Thank God. We now have the ability to load digital signatures into our identities. Showed, “he said. Minister Soil continued his speech as follows:

“Is it possible to introduce a payment system for ID? I’ve completed 80% of the work. This is also new. I have an ID. I am currently trading with credit cards. Minister of Finance “I have this job.” “There is a country because we have the opportunity. The opportunity we have is that MERNIS and our demographic data are their accuracy. It means that you have the ability to match your understanding to be able to confirm .. It can also provide this, and I believe this will happen once. “

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