A judge from a criminal organization, a police officer who received a scholarship from a drug smuggler for a child …

T24 writer TolgaŞardan writes that a black money investigation called “Marsh” has reached a high-ranking person in the Istanbul police station.

According to Chardin, after investigating the relationship between Chetin Gehren and Nejat Dash, leaders of criminal organizations involved in drug smuggling within the scope of the investigation conducted by the Ankara Prosecutor’s Office, Dash was the chief of several police officers in Istanbul. Children.

The number of police officers scholarshiped to Dash was about 20, and the General Directorate of Security said it had launched an executive investigation into some of the mentioned police officers, Chardin said in his article: Continued.

“By the way, why didn’t the same General Directorate of Security launch an investigation into KOM Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Mahmut Çorumlu, who organized the invitation for the fugitive businessman Sezgin Balan, and Deputy Police Secretary Resul Holoğlu, who is in charge of the KOM Division? From Korkumatu to Ankara, to meet with Soil’s Interior Minister? The curiosity of the security world.

In my opinion, Mehmet Aktash sitting in the chair of the general manager is afraid of someone somewhere.

Speaking of swamp files, another leader of the organization, Chetin Gehren, lived in Istanbul, but had the problem of temporarily moving his address to Elazig and getting a portable gun license. was.

The Netherlands searched for Interpol’s red notification!

Chetin Octai Cardilim, then Governor of Elazig and signed a license for Gehren’s gun, continues to be responsible as Governor of Sakariya, despite the process being subject to a judicial inquiry.

No investigation was held against Governor Bay.

Well, who or who is protecting him! “

“Formation of mythical secrets” by AKP executives

In other parts of his article, Şardan stated that the judge’s name was mentioned in a criminal organization file initiated by the Izmir-based Ankara Prosecutor’s Office.

The relevant parts of the article are:

“The content of the file is to establish a secret society similar to MIT. This file still has a confidentiality decision. Unfortunately, I can’t explain the details, but I can. The leader of the criminal organization is a woman. The organization’s AKP Izmir staff has four politicians. AKP Izmir State Executive Committee member Erkan Taş, AKP Izmir State Vice-Chair Mustafa Gedikoğlu, and former Executive Committee member. וbrahim Ölmez and Cüneyt Güven are mentioned. To Ankara.

The file contains the names of 26 suspects. There are more than 200 casualties. To enter the system, you will be given 10,000 lira at the beginning of the work. Among the names that enter the system are scholars, lawyers, and members of the judiciary. The purpose of entering the system is to raise the status of the claimant, that is, to gain the status of the bureaucracy and gain power. The file preparation process at the public prosecutor’s office will continue. However, the name of the judge of the Ankara court was displayed in the file. Due to the confidentiality decision, the judge’s name has not been revealed so far.

According to the information I received, the judge has a relationship with the leader of the criminal organization. After obtaining information about Hakim Bay, the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ankara sent a letter to the judges and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to report on their progress. After that, the judge was investigated at the request of “dismissal”. In the process, Hakim Bay sought retirement instead of being expelled. His request was accepted. The judge who handles important cases in Ankara Court will be a lawyer for the next part of his life! Of course, the judge in question is not the only member of the judiciary in the same file. Other members of the judiciary are also mentioned.

At this point, there is something I don’t understand. A former ruling party member and a judiciary are present in the file, giving them a “confidentiality”. It is drawing attention to the provision of protective armor to various public and private names within private organizations. “