A first in football: Managing a team as a couple


Shirinspor, who competes in the Kocaeli Super Amateur League First Division, has signed an unprecedented model deal in Turkey. Husbands and wives share the technical responsibility of the team together. The team, located in his Şirinsulhiye district of the Kartepe district, is an example of a family atmosphere in its new formation.
Göktan Arpacı, who had defended the team’s goal in previous seasons, left football with an unfortunate injury. Club president Hasan Seveci offered Goktan Alpathi to take on technical responsibility for the team. When thinking about the decision, Göktan Arpacı accepted the offer along with his wife his Tuğba Arpacı, a former professional basketball player who is also a sports academy graduate. Göktan Arpacı takes on technical responsibility and Tuğba Arpacı takes care of the assistant coaching and conditioning. The young couple who manage the infrastructure together are also appreciated by the families who bring their athletes to training. Sharing the excitement of the new experience, the Arpacı couple issued a statement.

When will Dele Ali return to Besiktas?

When will Dele Ali return to Besiktas?

“I started a whole new adventure”

Stating that she is always interested in learning and trying new things, Tuğba Arpacı said: I was in the kitchen to help her mother. Her mother fired me, but her grandmother brought me back. So I managed to get in. Or when they knit, I wondered and learned quickly.I was on the basketball team in high school, but I also learned korfball. While studying at Kocaeli University, he was selected as a representative. If you can improve yourself while studying at university, the range of future businesses will expand. I aimed to improve myself as much as possible. Got zumba and plate paper. I offer private lessons and swimming lessons. Now I’m embarking on a whole new football adventure.”


“I want to improve myself and manage the team in football”

Tuba Alpathi said she is also enthusiastic about the idea of ​​running a women’s or men’s team alone in the future, using the experience she has gained. village team. This potential is valid not only for men but also for female athletes. Once you have obtained various certificates, you may be able to form a formation here and launch a women’s team. Obviously that’s what I want and I’ve received the first step document for that. This is our first year. The more you learn on your own, the better. We aim to carry out various activities here. I want to develop myself in football and manage a team, including training both women’s teams and children in gymnastics and other departments. Conversely, when you go out on the field with what sportsmanship has to offer, you put that naivety and kindness aside. I don’t look anyone in the eye and every workout is of equal value to me. I continue my training by continuing the same discipline. So maybe I can represent the men’s team.”

“Act as if you are educating your child with motherhood.”

Noting that his technical responsibilities are respected by the team, Arpacı said: In the same way, he does his best to educate his children with motherhood. That’s how I show my actions. Since the day I started, I have never seen rudeness or bad words from anyone. It’s my first adventure, so I’ll see it again, but when it comes to women, there are many people who care about their words and actions. right. Göktan is the first mentioned within the team. He has a say in the house, too. When I said something, he said, “Okay, honey,” and as a result his words ended.

‘I spent more time on the field’

Alpaci said it was a first-time experience and he assessed the situation in terms of spending time with his wife, saying, “Of course, as far as I know, there is no other team run by a husband and wife. We are the first to live.I hope we can get good results with this model.There are children at home, so I usually take care of them.Göktan usually monitors the games and We do the analysis of the match, we spend more time on the field, in fact this works for me, because otherwise Göktan would not exist again, now I am with him We spend time together.This makes me very happy.When the weather is nice, I bring my daughter.I want her to grow up in sports.Growing up in a sports environment has a very positive effect on the growth of children. When you think of football, you always think of men, but if you look at the essence, women’s football players are very special.There are some very good teams.These formations are slowly continuing in Turkey. We are the first and perhaps other teams can take inspiration from us to take this model forward.”

“I wanted to create a family atmosphere.”

Şirinspor Technical Manager Göktan Arpacı said: Looking at how the process started, his wife already had a professional basketball background, and we wanted to bring that to fruition here as well. More precisely, I think the biggest drawback in the years I played was the understaffing of the football team. I myself have been a goalkeeper for many years, but there weren’t many goalkeeper trainers. We presented such a project to the president, whether it was a goalkeeper coach or a conditioner. Also, she wanted to use her in the conditioning department because she has a lot of information from her past. This process started with the president’s trust in us. I wanted to create a family atmosphere. It was something that was missed in amateur league football. At least now we have the chance to spend time together. Otherwise, you will not be able to pass at any time. There are pluses here. The presence of female figures completely eliminated slang words in training. “

“If my wife asks for permission to coach the men’s soccer team, I will honor it.”

Alpaci, who said forming a women’s team for the future was on the agenda, also explained how he would expect his wife to run the team alone, stating: If there is a formation, of course we are thinking about the women’s soccer team in this village. It may be second only to Kocaeli’s locomotive, Kocaeli Women’s Football Club. I also believe it should be in the area and look forward to this issue. If her wife asks for permission to coach the men’s soccer team, I will respect it. Because his knowledge and equipment are far superior to mine. I have played amateur for many years. His amateur development was very different, but I respect him because his academic education was extensive.

“The family atmosphere made me very proud.”

Sirinspor president Hasan Seveci assessed the situation, saying that the family atmosphere that had begun to form within the team made him very happy. Cebeci said: He dislodged his arm from his shoulder in the last game last year, 20 minutes into the playoffs. Göktan also obtained a teaching license. I told him It doesn’t matter if he’s champion or relegated, you’ve become our child.He also asked for time to think. A month later he came to me with his wife. His wife Tuva Hanim also said he attended several of the club’s matches. He graduated from sports academy. That’s when I said, “Okay, I found you guys.” I said we could take both the infrastructure and the superstructure and they agreed. Having a family atmosphere in my team is very important. I was very proud in this regard because a family atmosphere was created both with the athletes who came to me and with the technical committee. “