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Trabzonspor faced Ferencbarros in their UEFA Europa League Group G opener. Our national team ended the first week without a point and he lost 3-2 to his opponents. The game Trabzonspor lost on the road was written by fanatical writers.

HAKAN CAN: Defense gives sauce

One of the hunter’s basic principles is to never give up the security of your defense during an attack. But playing with Vítor Hugo is more like an invitation to score… it was bad in Antalyaspor too… Denswil and Vítor are very intangible and slow…their first goal was perfect. However, the second goal came from Vitor’s penalty as Gbamin tried to get out of his three opponents in midfield. Abdullah Avcı’s substitution was due to possession and attacking abundance, but teams that failed to win the ball saw him having to retreat 50-60 meters after each long ball.

The way points were scored was the efficiency of the forward players while the defense struggled. We caught it, but missed a lot. Maxi Gomez missed a goal that didn’t deserve his career with a brilliant pass from Bakasetas. GK saves the bow shoot from there. He scored a great goal in the third. The pass he gave Umt for the second goal and Umt’s shot was brilliant. It looks like Abdülkadir Ömür is playing “Please” on the field. Trezeguet resembles goat horns. To get 1 dirham of honey, you have to chew 1 sachet. Where is that old Trezeguet! Taha kept the team in the game with his two crucial saves… Larsen left everything on the field. Without Bartra, the situation would have been catastrophic.

This kind of defeat hurts, but it’s also necessary not to make your neck black…


OLCAY ÇAKIR: I need time

Trabzonspor, the remaining 10 men, looked like an easy win, but the sight of goals on goal made it even harder to repair their broken plans… Staff changes, unable to improve performance for some players, especially.

The biggest problem for the team is that the coaches don’t change minutes or circuits when the going gets tough.

Their attack plans were incredibly thwarted when Baldi was added to the two last night. The home team, who are physically strong, have accurate transitions, and are able to throw the ball effectively behind the defense, scored goals as desired and continued the game as desired until the end of the game. A new squad, a changing team and old habits to follow show Trabzonspor need time in the short term. Points from this match before the match can be considered suitable for the start.

But last night’s encounter went down in history as a great loss of detail. If you start at 11 o’clock, I think you’ll have to get out of the game again during the first part of the game and start over.


Abdullah Avcı started by placing the three 10s numbers (Bardhi, Ömür, Bakasetas) on the 11th. In this order, Trabzonspor might want to keep the ball, but could have speed problems on the transition to the third zone. Ferencvaros scored before the team could figure out what they were doing. The defense rolled over in the 5th minute, but Nguyen hung behind him and didn’t allow it! While the referee made the right decision in the VAR after Civic committed a heavy foul against Larsen in the 16th minute, the 10 players began to find Trabzonspor’s rhythm against the rest of the opposition, with 3 to 25. On the 29th, a chain of mistakes that started with Bamin scored the second goal following GK Taha. The series of mistakes followed the Claret Red Blue team, who expected Maxi Gomez in ’39, and this time it was Vitor Hugo. The Brazilian defender made an inexperienced penalty, but Ferencvarros again extended his lead to his two before the end of the first half. Scoring well and eating easily, Trabzonspor closed out the circuit with three amateur goals that did not match his quality.

he played all the cards

In the second half, Hunter made three moves at once. The experienced coach, who drew Denswil to centre-back and Ellen to left-back, also brought in Yusuf Yazchi and Hamsik on the field. But when these changes didn’t bring the result to 60, Avcı’s Umut Bozok move came about. Ferencvaros, on the other hand, had a good result as a matter of course with the goal and 10 points remaining, and aimed for the goal with a quick attack. He got the chance he was looking for when Trabzonspor started rolling the ball a little faster, and in the 71st minute Umut Bozok closed the gap to one with a superb Gomes pass. Djaniny’s entry prevented Trabzonspor from opening their opponents despite playing all of their offensive trump cards. After Yusuf Yazıcı’s goal was disallowed for offside, Bordeaux his Blues guard completely collapsed. Obviously the tempo and pace of the game issues continued yesterday, but the main problem was that he allowed two simple goals from ten opponents. It seems like a dream that an amateur conceding goal is allowed on the European stage.