“A common victory for millions of brothers, not just us”

The 107th anniversary of the victory of the Canakkale Navy is celebrated with ceremonies throughout Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended Martyrs’ Day on March 18th and the 107th Anniversary Ceremony of the Victory of the Navy in Canakkale. In addition to Erdogan, at the ceremony; Ministers, Speakers of Parliament, Parliamentarians and many politicians participated.

At the first ceremony at Canakkale Kumfrier Square, a wreath was presented to the monument to Anafartaral hero Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and 21 guns were fired from the “TCG Kunalada” Corvette to welcome the martyrs. it was done.

The ceremony, which began at Kumfriet Square at 09:00, was attended by Defense Minister Furushi Akar, Governor of Canakkale Irhami Actash, Straits of Canakkale, Rear Admiral Mustafa Turhan Esebit of the Military Attaché, and Urgur Gokan of the Mayor of Canakkale. did. , Australian Military Attaché Richard Campbell, New Zealand’s Ankara Embassy Nicole Slight, New Zealand Military Attaché Ian Brandon, AK Party Chanakale State Chairman Naim Macas, Political Party Representatives and Citizens.

Hulusi Akar left wreath

Hulusi Akar, the Secretary of State for Defense representing the Republic of Turkey, dedicated a wreath to the monument. After that, Governor Ilhami Aktash of Canakkale, Strait of Canakkale, Maj. Gen. Mustafa Turhan Ejevit, commander of the garrison, and Urgul Gekan, mayor of Canakkale, offered a wreath. Twenty-one guns were fired from the “TCG Kınalıada” Corvette in Dardanerez to greet the martyr.

Gold medal for flagged delivery

In 1994, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) gave Canakkale on behalf of 253,000 martyrs by Law No. 3972, and a gold medal stating “Kanakkale is impassable” was attached to the Turkish flag by the Minister. Was done. Of national defense full siacal. After the silent prayer of the martyrs, the national anthem was sung with the Bosphorus Command.

The official wreath laying ceremony ended after a gold medal engraved with “Canakkale Impassable” was hung with the Turkish flag.

Martyr’s memorial ceremony

Turkish Grand National Assembly Chair Mustafa Schentop, Ministers and MHP Chair Devlet Bacheli also attended the commemorative ceremony at the Martyrs Memorial. The ceremony at the Martyr’s Memorial began with President Erdogan offering a wreath to the Ataturk Memorial.

“18 March” message from Erdogan

AKP Chairman and President Erdogan, who spoke at the commemorative ceremony, began his speech to commemorate the victory of Canakkale and the martyr of Canakkale.

The highlights of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks are:

“We hope that the 107th anniversary of the victory of the Canakkale Navy, one of the most illustrious pages in our history, will be celebrated. A country that loves independence changed the course of history here 107 years ago. The battle of Canakkale is wonderful. A heroic epic that has demonstrated our high virtues such as sacrifice and patriotism. It turned out that in that life. “

“The Turkish people have given hope to all those oppressed by their unique struggle. The victory of Canakkale on March 18 is not only for us, but from the Balkan Peninsula to Africa, Europe to Asia. It is also the joint victory of hundreds of millions of brothers, a brilliant victory as much as the victory of Turkey and the people of Turkey, as well as the victory of the oppressed people who turned their eyes and hearts to our country.

“Here are not only the tombs of heroes from all the states, districts and villages of Turkey, but also the tombs of the martyrs who came from every corner of our heart and fell to the ground here. There is also a grave. “

“I think there is a wonderful lesson that every citizen of this country can learn from the martyrdom here. Wherever I go, every time I meet young people, I tell them the epic of Canakkale and they make a mistake. I say I should look at this place without mercy. I mercifully commemorate all the heroes, especially Gazimsta Fakemar. “