A college student in a dormitory of the Ministry of Youth Affairs meets skiing in Uludag

Bursa (AA)- BursaWith young people Sports College students, thanks to the opportunity provided by the Directorate General of the State UludagBasic ski training is done at.

Of the 12,500 students living in the city’s youth sports ministry dormitories, 600 are trained within the daily program at the state’s youth sports ski training and camp centers.

45 students taken from the dormitory by shuttle car every morning, UludagThey are wearing ski equipment and clothes borrowed for them at.

Bursa Participants who take a two-hour lesson each morning with an instructor from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (BESYO) at the University of Uldag (BUÜ) will reach a level where they can ski on their own by training for another two hours after lunch. break down.

Free transportation, food, clothing, materials and education all create new lives for young people. Sports He meets the branch and enjoys it in Uludag.

Students from overseas are also participating.

Ali Osman Yüce, director of education at the State Youth Sports Department, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that experienced trainers with many years of experience told participants that skiing should not be afraid.

Yuse stated that the students who had completed the beginner’s stage in the first lesson became accustomed to skiing for the evening, saying, “Next year, we will use the accommodation to benefit the students from this project. That’s it. ” He said.

Youse continued his words as follows:

“We are doing a lot of educational activities for our students. We started this activity to reward active students, but of course we include ambitious students in our list. We host one of the dorms here every day and introduce skis to our students. 11 dorms and about 12,500 students. Due to the large number of students, we cannot bring everyone here this year However, we want to include students in the continuation of the project. Students at home and abroad who stay in the dormitory are benefiting from these activities. For example, there was a student from Indonesia recently. You know. So Indonesia didn’t snow, it was a lot of fun, it wasn’t snowing. “He didn’t even snow. It was a lot of fun. It’s an interesting and exciting experience.”

Indian and Kazakh students also said they learned skiing, and Yüce said it was a very good experience for college students who were introduced to snow and skiing and received feedback in this direction.

“They taught me very well, we learned in an hour.”

BUÜBESYO Instructor and Ski Instructor Cahit Taş said that much effort was put into the project that was realized as a social activity.

Tash said this was a daunting task, “Let God not harm our state. We are a lucky group. Tell our students this. Someone has gloves. I gave gloves to a friend who wasn’t, and someone gave me a coat. Understanding unity, community, nation, and power begins here. Sport is of utmost importance. Good narrators, good listeners, they Very slippery. A short time. “He said.

Hasan Emrullah Çıray, who continues to educate as an English teacher, said he is staying at Mehmet Zahid Kotku Boys’ Dormitory.

He said he went to Uludag for the first time and skied, “Our equipment is good. The teachers are good. They taught me very well. I learned in an hour. I’m from Batman. There is no such facility. Thanks to our ministry. Fun skiing, we are now on the course like a kids course. In the future, with better training, riding a chairlift, more You can ski on a good course. It’s great. It’s fun, we’re having fun. “I used the phrase.

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