A child hit a car while escaping a dog in Shivas escaped a life-threatening one

Twelve-year-old Ul Balan Karemkei, who was in a car accident trying to escape the stray dog’s attack, overcame the danger of his life.

On March 12, a stray dog ​​playing at Muczyn Yazıcıoğlu Boulevard in the city center of Sivas attacked Ulu Baran Kalemköy (12).

IY The car he was driving collided. The injured child was taken by ambulance to the Sibas Kumuriet University School of Medicine Hospital, where he informed the people around him and came to the scene of the accident.

UluBaran Kalemköy, who was determined to have fractures in different parts of his body, was treated with orthopedic and traumatological services after four hours of surgery.

It was stated that Kalemköy had no life-threatening conditions.

“Previously, complaints from dogs in the environment were nullified.”

Father Yusuf Karemkoy said they were shocked by the incident and used the following statement:

“Our pain right now is really great. After all, this accident that our son experienced made us tired. Of course, we’re not going to blame anyone. Previously, the surrounding area The dog complained, but no action was taken.

A child hit by a car on his way out of a dog in Shivas overcame the danger of life # 1

“If we make our children’s lives a little safer, that’s good for us.”

If it happened to our child today, it also happens to someone else’s child. There is a litigation process and we will follow up. The important thing is that my child is fine. He had major surgery. He came out of just four hours of surgery. Now we are only thinking about our son. Don’t hurt other people’s children or our children. We have to be sensitive.

We all love animals. We have no luxury to blame both children and animals. We are all afraid if this dog attacks ordinary citizens. We have nothing to do. If there is anything we can do, let us help. Create a nice place for animals as a citizen. I wish I could save the lives of the children a little more.

“He goes through a two-year treatment process.”

My son has a treatment process of about 2 years. It’s a very difficult situation for us. This will also affect the future of the child. Immediate action needs to be taken. The university hospital also did as much as it could. Everyone was very interested.

A child hit by a car on his way out of a dog in Shivas overcame the danger of life # 2

“The climbing process will be a little difficult”

He has fractures in his shins, hips and arms. The stand-up process is a bit tedious. I have hope. Our branch has children. With the help of God, we survive difficult times. His breath stimulates our breath. After the accident, they did not interfere with the child. They still feed the dog. Of course they will, this is our human duty. I’m not saying anything. As fathers, we are hurt. My kid doesn’t know what to do and goes out on the road and has an accident. Hopefully that’s what we see. I hope God will protect all of our children. “

“When we watch the video, our blood frost”

Kalemköy, who claims that the vehicle is also fast, “When we watched the children’s video, our blood froze. Let God not let anyone live. It was difficult for us.” He said.

A video archive of a child running away from a Shivas stray dog ​​hit by a car

“Increased number of dogs in our neighborhood”

Hasan Duman, one of the neighbors “Recently, the number of dogs in the neighborhood is increasing. People complain a lot about this. Family members even put their children on and off the school bus. There were dogs everywhere. Winter. Because of that, they started to be aggressive. Some people feed here, they never leave here anymore. Attacks are frequent. During the incident, they suddenly make a noise and go out. The car struck the boy. Citizens also responded to those who feed the dog. “ Said.

“I think the girl was heading for the kid when the dog was eating.”

Sefa Göçer, who has a workplace on the boulevard where she sells phones “I think he was angry and headed towards the boy while the dog was eating. The oncoming car was also very fast and the boy jumped on the road and crashed into the car. The animals here need to be collected. That child may have been my brother. I pray for the earliest possible recovery. The animals here should be collected by the municipality and placed in shelters. ” He said.

A child hit by a car on his way out of a dog in Shivas overcame the danger of life # 3

Zekeriya Chakmak, one of the neighbors, said: “There are women here and they are always feeding dogs. Everyone is disturbed by these dogs. Children are afraid. When they run on the road, a car comes and crashes. Dogs I want you to collect. “ I used the phrase.

A child hit by a car on his way out of a dog in Shivas overcame the danger of life # 4