A billion pounds of mask has fallen

2022.03.26 09:33

Byrac, who advertised the cheapest and largest to buy Chelsea, is said to have been detained for a gang crime in 2005. We found a picture of Musin Byrac, who denied this claim as “name similarity”, taken while he was in custody.

A billion pounds of mask has fallen


Google news

This country is completely separated from reality.

And a man with an incredible story plays and continues to play the world, not just this country, with his fingers.

Last week I talked about it in an article titled “Cheap Ads for £ 1 Billion”.

Remind me:

Russia’s oligarch property was confiscated due to the Ukrainian war, but his wealth is legendary Roman AbramovichThe legendary British Premier League team, Chelsea, has been put up for sale.Owner of ABGruP Holding in Turkey Musin flag “We provided £ 1 billion in cash to buy Chelsea.” He declared.

Everywhere in the world, seeing the taxes paid by those who say this, the liar candles go out before dawn.

But not Turkey.

Musin flag He knew this important point.

Big chain of lies

It has become the most popular name on search engines.

News agency without filtering logic and archives Musin flagHe said a word.

News sites struggling with “click” races “Who is Muhsin Bayrak?” He searched for readers by title.

If only this country has a connection with reality. Happy days In the movie Munir Ozkul‘fame Che’Nelle Shen‘To “Ziaaaa …” His words were memorable and ridiculed.

It didn’t happen.

Musin flag He noticed that the square was empty for cheap advertising in a “dead in a lie” country and composed it as follows:

“We are meeting Abramovich. We will soon raise the Turkish flag in London.”

Ziaa …

“The negotiation process is over. We will sign it soon.”


“After we applied as a Turkish company, Congress was rushed that night to make a decision. He confiscated Abramovich’s assets and the Chelsea Sports Club. Otherwise, it would be a day later. It would have been handed over to us. “


“You can even see Mr. Trump’s expression.” Mussin Bayrak shouldn’t buy it, the Turks shouldn’t. He said, “We take it.” I have.


“Usually we agreed on the price. We were going to pay $ 400 million in cryptocurrency, so we would pay in our crypto.”


“The Nike brand has contacted me. He will pay a sponsorship fee of £ 900 million over three years.”


“Abramovich himself says,’I don’t want to sell to Americans, Europeans and British. I want to sell this place to Muhsin Bayrak, I want to sell to Turks.”

Ziaaaaaaaaa …

“We are preparing a $ 8 billion project in Bodrum. We talked to Abramovich about this. AB Grup Holding is a holding that manages $ 9-10 billion in capital.”

zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …

World disclaimer

This nonsense spread from Turkey to the world media.

Musin flagThe news was serious for Reuters, Guardian, CNN and the BBC.

Muhsin Bayrak proudly said in a show he participated in on ArtıTV:

“We were sitting on the agenda of the world. In a week, 4 billion people in 18 languages ​​clicked on my name from ABGruP Holding and Google.”

Of course, half of the world’s population didn’t click on his name, but it’s true that he was able to write his name on the cheapest ad in the history of the world.

After all, the offer period for the sale of Chelsea has expired. Even companies in the big world have formed a consortium and, of course, made three offers in it. Musin flag I didn’t have it. He ran away saying his lawyer sent an email to the wrong address because of a mistake.

These ciphers work

But he didn’t get enough free ads. The day before, he spoke with Demi Loren News Agency (DHA) with a cryptocurrency logo behind him:

“We have increased the offer to up to £ 2.5 billion. We promised to build a new stadium. However, the sales process was not honest, so we withdrew the offer. Heliport to Bodrum. Introducing a mansion to Abramovich. “

this time AbramovichHe made a headline in his story of a gift mansion.

But if the people who reported his words without doubt were looking at the archives, they wouldn’t be a tool for these lies.

Musin flagSaid to build a 1600-house-owned Byrak Tower on Istanbul Basin Express Street in 2015, claiming to have sold the tower to Saudis for € 50 million before construction began. No pickaxe was even struck by these towers.

He claims to have been the head of the Mutoki tribe of 500,000 at the same time. “A man who institutionalized a tribe” There was news for each page.on the other hand Musta Fasari GuruThere were no 15 people around him when he participated in the Turkish Change Movement.

But before the 2019 Istanbul Local Elections, as 500,000 Mutokis Vinari IldirimHe took the stage again with a statement that they supported.

In 2021, he won the US presidential election. BidenAssistant Kamala HarrisHe was in front of the camera when he lied that he had offered $ 2 million to his home in Washington, DC.

Do not name similarities

The most sensitive part of his past was the news of surgery that appeared when his name was searched on the internet. He said the operation took place in Gaziosman Pasa, Istanbul, and is undertaking the first construction project. News of March 2, 2005 “Ujigang” It was announced in the title. Eleven “Bayrak Brothers Gang” were detained on charges of armed attack, injury, detention, intimidation and extortion.News gang leader Musin flag It is written. At the searched address, one maggot, nine unauthorized guns, Kalashnikov bullets, and millions of lira banknotes were found.In addition, in these news in 2005, Mayor Gaziosmanpasha in 2002 Mustafa GreenThe person who killed with a gun Nef That FlagHe was alleged to be a member of this gang.

But there were no pictures in the news.

Comments on Odatv Musin flag, “Name similarity” Said.In a statement his lawyer sent to Odatv, this event Musin flag It was alleged that the proceedings would be filed, having nothing to do with it.

The investigation found a picture of the suspect who was taken to the National Security Court in Besiktas, Istanbul on March 2, 2005. The suspects are in the police of the organization branch and are handcuffed to each other.Top suspect Musin flagBrother of. He claims that behind him he offered £ 2.5 billion to buy Chelsea today. Musin flagYou can see his face and the mask will come off.

This photo is just Musin flagIt does not reveal lies. It also reveals the sad state of the Turkish media.

The chain of lies begins when the person’s remarks are unquestionably provided by the institution as news.

The reality of news loses its importance in the competition between “clicks” on internet sites and the rating of television channels. We’ve come from an era when news was intriguing, to an era where interest shaped the media and partnered with lies.

Musin flag The case made this completely clear.

This event, which is also a shame in the media, should definitely be taught as an exemplary course in the Faculty of Communication Studies.

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