A big change in Fenerbahcebeco-TRTSpor


As expected, Fenerbahcebeco’s management, who was excluded from the playoffs for the first time in eight years, threw a scalpel at most of the team, especially the coaches. I wrote for you the chemistry of those who left the team, those who joined the team, and the new team formed in Fenerbahcebeco. Even the skeleton of the team changes drastically in the new season.

Scotty Wilbekin (double-edged knife):

Being one of the EuroLeague’s elite guards off a second-class platform like the Eurocup isn’t for everyone. Some players, even MVPs of their own league, may be far below what they would expect when looking at the toughness of the EuroLeague (eg Philip Petrusef).

Before we dive into the Euro Cup’s unfavorable Darsafaka, Scotty Wilbekin, who won the championship with unexpected success on the 2018 dates, it’s highly recommended to take a look at the sharp scorers. He is from the link below.


Especially in the semi-final series, the national player shocked the Germans by scoring 41 points against Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich is one of the historic comebacks, and given the distance of the points he found, it was easier to see how explosive and sharp offensive player he was. With this superhuman performance, Scotty Wilbekin, who was naturally selected as the MVP for the 2017-2018 season, also played for our national team for two years.

One of the best predators and intrusion rates of the game in the THY European League with Shane Larkin, the US player takes personal responsibility to open the game like a key when the game gets stuck. Is one of the rare players who can. This feature gives Fenerbahce Beko a profile that hasn’t been around for many years since the team’s past Will Solomon. When asked why this player with such a very aggressive ability plays in Europe instead of the NBA, the answer is, of course, clear. Lack of assisting ability and selfish play style. It’s a shame that even David Blatt’s Darsafaka, where he was prime minister, can get the most efficiency when playing with ball managers like Wannamaker and long-shooters like Will Clyburn. While used by McCabi coach Odedo Katash as the first quarterback against Real Madrid last season. I made a historic mistake. Despite having a home advantage, Maccabi Tel Aviv, wiped out with a clear score of 3-0, will become known as the most incompetent club in the history of basketball using Wilbekin. In this context, our preference is for coach Itoudis to consider players with such explosive features that are in a position to assist and complement creative playmakers rather than the original creative playmakers. Is to do.

Transferring from Barcelona is only a matter of time Wilbekin used to be with assist monsters like Nick Calathes, one of the most creative players in European basketball, and athletic talls like Jonesen Motley who shot inside. We are all expecting to return to and outside.

Under the roof of Fenerbahce Beko, in the hands of Director Itoudis, we’ll take a look at what our national player with great responsibility can do.

Basketball Professor-Nemanya Bierica:

The Serbian player, who made his debut on the European stage at the Red Star, was named Obradvic, who was appointed chief of Fenerbahce Ulker in 2014. Bierica, who took the leadership of Fenerbahce Ulker, who made it to the final four for the first time in 2015, was unable to advance to the final in the semi-finals of the year due to the lack of experience of the team. Serbian stars on their way to the Minnesota Timberwolves, drafted in 2016, have shown stable performance for seven years in large arenas such as the NBA, playing a total of 750 games. Bierica, who recently won the NBA Championship at the Golden State Warriors, showed everyone how well she could manage the game despite being 34 years old by performing far beyond expectations in the NBA Finals. rice field.

If you understand the importance of the player in the next process,

One of the best of Serbian basketball in the 2000s, Bierica is one of the rare, if not perfect, players who can cover the defensive weaknesses that arise under the basket in the absence of Bethery. Serbian longs Achille Polonaro and Jan Veselny are aggressively top players in both foot size and speed, and his defensive personality covers some of the weaknesses of the offensive defenses that arise. I think with the departure of the team.

It is clear that a veteran basketball player, known for his excellence in critical balls and worthy of the nickname “Professor Big Shot” for his brave performances of the previous era, will make a very important contribution to the long rotation of our representative. is.

Given that our yellow and dark blue representatives have fighters, Jekiri and Motley, under two pots, he is in his high game with an attack led from behind by Karates and Wilbekin. Knowledge of intelligence and the positions he has developed is very important to the team.
Bierica, who usually plays in 4th place, is an important player often seen in 5th place as she grows in size and experience in the NBA.

Similarly, the performance of Vierica, one of the rare players who can defeat Will Cliburn from the outside with 3 pointers in the 4-5 position, is a glue to create the chemistry of the newly formed team. It works as an agent. Like 2013 when he first came.
One of the legendary Fenerbahce Ulker legends, Nemanya Bierica, who started in 2015 and has played four final fours in a row, will bring the representative back to the old days by successfully continuing this mission. I hope that.