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Ismail Kartal, who has agreed to lead the team on a difficult day in the canary, is preparing a report to submit to the coach sending the team. Experienced teachers write down their thoughts about who stays and who goes. The foreign rule of 7 + 4 next season is also a factor in the report. The names to join the team next season are:

Turkish rotation

Altay: He is 24 years old … one of the best goalkeepers in the league and Turkey … the tech team relies on him for the championship.

Serdar Aziz: 32 years old … ready to sign a new contract. His contract is considered important because he is the only defender of Turkey.

Yandash: He’s 28 years old … the name Cartal didn’t give up in the middle, he’s also in the formation of the next season.

poets: At the age of 27 … His adventures in Watford were negative, but he is recovering. He occupies an important position in Turkish rotation.

Ilfan Kang: He is 27 years old … If his injuries are not repeated, he is believed to be an integral part of the team. Ismail Cartal believes the team should be built on top of him.

Arda Gurel: He’s only 17 years old … he’s a fan-eyed apple. The next season will take longer.

Ferdi Cadiogle: 23 years old … Ismail’s teacher considers him the joker of the team. Its biggest advantage is that it can work in all regions.

Serdal Dulsan: 31 years old. He stays on the alternative team with the advantage of being Turkish.

CAGTAY: 20 years old … he continues as a left back. He works extra to improve his knowledge of his position.

Nagym Sangaré: 28 years old … The tech team believes he should be retained as an alternative to the team.

Mesut Özil: He’s 34 years old … he’s a world star and a role model for young people with his experience, so he’s highly regarded by the technical committee.

BURAK-MUHAMMET-0054SMA0054L: The performances of Muhamed Gumshkaya and Ismail Yuksek lent by Fenerbahce are closely followed. Black also started to take time. These 23 and 21 year old players will return to the team.

Foreign rotation

MIN-JAE WHO: He’s 26 … he follows many clubs in Europe, but management wants to keep him on the team.

Attila Szalai: He is 24 years old … he has many suitors, but he is not sent up to 20 million euros. This is a non-no number.

OSAY0054-SAMUEL: 24-years-old. The advantage of being able to play in two different regions.

CRESPO: 26 years old … one of the values ​​added by Vitor Pereira. It’s one of the key parts of next season.

Miha Zajc: He is 28 years old … he will be held in the last season of his contract. He will definitely participate in the midfield rotation.

Pelkas: 29-year-old. He remains on the team despite being behind in the first year of the season and not achieving the expected results.

Valencia: 33 years old. Like Mesut, he is believed to add a lot in his experience. Another year at Fenerbahce.

ROSSI: 24-years-old. Kartal is my favorite name. Especially with his help. If he has the opportunity to win his bonus, he will stay on the team.

Panther Altai

Altay Bayındır, who was injured in a Konyaspor match in the 11th week of the league and had a shoulder surgery, took over his gloves in the 25th week of Giresun’s match. The return of the young goalkeeper and Fenerbahce after that day was excellent. He made a total of 27 saves in the last five games he reached the goal, four of which he won and one of which was a draw. In addition, the yellow-dark blue team adhered to the claim of second place. Altay added an assist to his save against Alaniya last week. In 14 league games without him, Canary won only four times, scoring four losses, six draws and 19 goals. A domestic goalkeeper with a market value of € 15 million is followed by many European clubs, especially the French team. (Morning)