72 hours important for Mara being attacked by a truck while escaping from a dog

The accident occurred in the Belek district of Serik around 10:00 yesterday. Muffler Melin Penal, walking along her sidewalk, was attacked by a stray dog ​​roaming the land on the sidewalk. On her escape, Mara was attacked by a truck on license plate 07 YBJ06 driven by Ilfan Yaira. Penal, whose right foot was under the front wheel of the truck, was seriously injured. Upon being notified by Arslan Çelik, one of the people who saw the accident, a health and police team, was sent to the scene. The girl was transferred to the Antalya Training and Research Hospital by her ambulance after her first intervention on the scene. Mahra Melin Pınar, who was treated at the hospital, was taken to the intensive care unit after 3.5 hours of surgery. Whether or not her right leg of the muffler will be amputated will be determined within 72 hours.

“My daughter’s legs shattered”

Explaining the moment of the accident at Belek Rimac Elementary School fourth grader Mafra Melin Punal, father Murat Punal (45), he said he left home for work early yesterday morning. Murat Pınar said he learned that his daughter had been attacked by a truck when he called a friend. “I was working at a hotel. I was one separated. I also came in front of the ambulance. My daughter was in very bad condition and her legs shattered.” Said.

Murat Pinar, “When her mother went in front of me and said,’What happened to my daughter,’ she said,’Mom, the dog chased her. I don’t remember what I did.’ And when the dog chased her, she jumped out into the street. “ He said.

Murat Pınar said that his daughter usually doesn’t go out much. “He asked his mother for permission to leave the house. He said,” I saw something in the yard of the next building. I see it. ” Ten minutes later, this happened. ” Said.

“They decide if they cut their legs.”

He said he had come to the Antalya Training and Research Hospital from Belek within 20 minutes of the accident, and Murat Penal said: “Here, in a very good tissue, the doctor performed the surgery. It took about 3.5 hours. His condition is serious. Serious. He is at risk of life. His feet are Very bad condition. They tried to recover him. They decide whether to amputate the leg within 72 hours. He is currently in an important process. ” He said.

“The dog stood in the same place while leaving the house in the morning.”

Murat Pınar said the dog that attacked his daughter was empty and lived on the street. “They lived there for a long time. They were attacking everyone. They became gangsters. There are 4-5 dogs. There is a reason for dogs to stay there. We. Talked to the municipality many times, but he hasn’t seen. Above all, the wanderer closes his eyes when he sees the dog. I have two more children. Today I do this Anyone who does this can do it to them tomorrow. On the way from home in the morning to Antalya Hospital, there was the same dog. Standing there. All are stray dogs. Looks like a very big gangster. It can be broken. It can be scary when I see them. May God take my daughter safely. What am I? I don’t want it either. “ Said.

He said he thought the person who hit the truck when he saw the camera recording was not guilty, Murat Pınar said. “My daughter ran away from the dog and jumped in front of her. She moved to save her. She ran to the right, there was no place to run on the sidewalk on the right. She didn’t go fast either. What I hope her child will not experience these pains. My Lord should not let anyone experience such pains. “ He said.

The event is on the camera

The moment of the accident was reflected in the security camera. In the footage, the truck crashed as Mara ran for fear of her dog and tried to cross the road.

sauce: DHA