63 new researchers come to Turkey for a reverse brain drain program

In his speech at the conference he attended, Minister Mustafa Valank said 63 new researchers had come to Turkey for a reverse brain drain program.

Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) “Horizon Europe Opening Entity”In his speech, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Vallan, who participated online, provided information on research and collaboration.

Minister Valank announced the results of the second convocation of a program of national and international leaders and young researchers, also known as the brain drain to Turkey.

Minister Valank said qualified personnel were invited to participate in Turkey, and said the latest developments on this issue were:, “As part of TÜB0054TAK’s International Leaders and Young Researchers Program, 63 new researchers (47 of whom are Turkish) are coming to Turkey for a reverse brain drain program in nine countries (US, Germany, Austria and UK). , China, France, Sweden, Japan), Russia) 27 senior researchers will participate in 21 different universities and research centers in our country. They are Turkish health sciences, social sciences, human sciences and technical sciences. , Continue research in the field of basic science. “ It is explained as.

Mustafa Varank: 63 new researchers come to Turkey for the reverse brain drain program ViDEO

“Our industry did not affect our commitment to the EU”

Minister Varank said at the TÜB0054 TAK meeting that the coronavirus epidemic and the work done during the process of the European Union (EU) have fully fulfilled the industrial sector’s commitment to EU countries. Varank said he took commerce to the next level during the coronavirus epidemic.

Varank’s study on the subject “We will follow the opportunity of cooperation to carry out diploma activities in science.” He summarized.

Mustafa Valank

“We have begun a return mobilization for scientists.”

Valank emphasized the importance of human resources, began mobilizing scientists to return to TEKNOFEST, and said Turkey has become attractive from all over the world through its international leader and young researcher program.

Mustafa Valank

Reverse brain drain program

In the process, 127 scientists came to the country, stating that the national prestigious researcher program was started, and Varank explained that the TÜB0054 TAK reverse brain drain program was started.

Mustafa Valank

“Ecosystem Works will continue”

Keeping in mind that respected universities and 36 young researchers from 12 countries will participate in research at 21 universities, Varank said that ecosystem research is also continuing. “”With the 2021 call, 36 young international researchers from 12 countries will attend 21 different universities and research centers in our country. These young researchers come to our country from 31 successful universities and research centers, including Duke, Harvard, Humboldt, MIT, Seoul, Stanford, Munich and Tokyo. ” I made a statement.

Mustafa Valank

“Supporting 42 researchers”

Minister Valank also announced for the first time “National Leading Researcher Program” Note that they support 42 researchers who continue their research in Turkey. “In this way, with the contribution of a total of 105 leaders and young researchers, we will further strengthen our science, innovation and innovation ecosystem. More than 200 universities, more than 1600 R & D and design centers, 92 “Our R & D infrastructure is a key actor in this ecosystem. Currently, we are focused on increasing the amount of this R & D and innovation ecosystem, with great success. To this end, we are creating something innovative. A policy with a vision of national innovation. “ Said.

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