5 Tips for Esports Players from Experts

The rise of the gaming world in both the computer and mobile worlds has revealed the world of esports. Success in the rapidly growing world of esports requires some habits. SteelSeries Turkey’s Country Manager Ilkay Tepe shared five habits that must be mastered before becoming an esports player.

The growth of the developing technology and entertainment industry is driving demand in the gaming industry. The increase observed in the gaming industry has also led to an increase in the number of games and players at the same rate. The rapid development of the gaming industry has led to the emergence of the esports field known as “electronic sports.” The global market value of esports, where professional computer players and mobile players compete, is over $ 1 billion.

With the increasing importance of the world of esports around the world, the abilities needed to become an esports player have become a matter of curiosity. Ilkay Tepe shared five habits that must be learned to succeed in the world of esports.

First of all health

“The first condition for success is to protect our physical and mental health,” says Tepe. “The process of becoming an esports player is an intensive and long process, so you need to balance practice and exercise time. The majority of professional esports players are exercising regularly. By properly managing your exercise and training habits before you become a player, you can succeed as an esports player, “he said.

Plan and implement an appropriate training program

“Creating a proper training program before participating in a professional esports tournament is an important factor on the path to success,” said 0054lkay Tepe. One of them is because you will be competing with many competitors. In the world of esports, you need to integrate your day into an appropriate training program. “Develop hand and eye coordination skills in the industry. It’s important that you can improve your physical fitness with a proper training program, “he said.

Attention to teamwork

Sharing his view on the fact that teamwork makes an important contribution as well as personal work, “as with many sports, teamwork brings many benefits to the world of esports and gaming. Therefore, before becoming an esports player, in addition to individual training, the teams within the team “need to do the necessary training with their friends on a regular basis. Thanks to teamwork, they are motivated and able to make decisions. It can be strengthened, but the competition you run can help you understand the areas you are missing within the team. “

Join the gaming community and develop collaboration

Tepe pointed out that collaboration in the game industry supports personal growth: “Before becoming an esports player, do a thorough research on the games you choose to get a better understanding of the games. You need to learn the basics. Get the information you need about the game from a variety of content and join the community of games you are interested in. The game “In that community you can get information about the game you are interested in, The name of the gaming industry. It is also very important to establish collaboration with important names in the industry and your skills in the esports industry. “

Find the right gaming device for you

“Before becoming an esports player, practicing, joining the player community, training, and working in teams are some of the habits that need to be learned individually,” says Tepe.

“Once you have a personal habit, you need to create a player device that is at least as important as an athlete in the esports industry. When evaluating options, choose a device that has a positive impact on game performance. You need. Player equipment There are many options in terms of weight, height, performance and durability.

“Esports tournaments are an area where results can be obtained as a result of intensive and lengthy training. Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind when choosing a gaming mouse is ergonomic use. A mouse that offers the above benefits. Correct hand structure improves health in the long run. As an ergonomic mouse recommendation, we recommend the SteelSeries branded Rival 5 model. In addition, the Key Sensitivity Feature (DPI) is a very important feature for Esports players.

“Another key factor in improving efficiency and performance is the gaming keyboard. When choosing a gaming keyboard, you need to pay attention to the key sensitivity and key color. The SteelSeries brand APEX3 TKL model is suitable. ..

The last important accessory for gaming devices is the gaming headset. Gaming headphones should be manufactured primarily for ear health. However, with a gaming headset with stereo capabilities, the player has direct control over the ambient sound. SteelSeries branded Arctis Prime Stereo headsets may be preferred by esports players who want access to a unique gaming experience. “

5 Tips for Esports Players from Experts

5 Tips for Esports Players from Experts

5 Tips for Esports Players from Experts

5 Tips for Esports Players from Experts

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