$475 billion worth of sportswear production potential


One of the most important lifestyle changes in the world is clothing. For a decade, these late entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, driving digital transformation, have changed the world with their clothing style. There came a time when the necktie was a symbol of the status quo. The change comes in big waves when you add a part of your lifestyle that integrates wellness. People are running and cycling and want to get out in nature. On the other hand, these have turned into lifestyle changes where people go to the office with their athletic shoes and a discourse is formed on which running shoes you use. Do some pre-work sports at … De-stress with yoga or Pilates … Of course, when the pandemic added to these, the size of the work started to grow. big. Integration with nature, forest and city walks, and outdoor activities are among the fastest growing. Turkey’s he talks about a small market of $2.5 billion, while the estimated global market size he reaches $475 billion. From a Turkish perspective, business has an industrial and a production side. Both the technical textile side of the sportswear business and the sports he footwear side … As this trend intensifies, many of the big brands in the sector are looking for new production bases due to the problems experienced in China and logistics. As for the question of where to produce, Turkey has emerged as an important option. The only problem is the question mark on economic and political stability…

Market is growing 10% in Turkey

Recently, I spoke with Barış Ardırınlı, general manager of Olgar Group, who has been in the sports retail business in Turkey for 33 years. Olgar Group, which brought world-famous outdoor brands such as Salomon, Merrell, Jack Wolfskin, Quiksilver, Roxy, DC and Billabong to Turkey, sold his 70% stake in SPX to Kuwaiti Global Capital Management. did. brand. Barış Ardırınlı took office after this sale. In fact, with this extreme lifestyle change from his sport, the group also turned to hiking gear, outdoor and other sports and his activity products, where in Turkey he has 41 stores and in Georgia he has 4 stores. reached. The goal is for him to have 60 stores by the end of the year… According to Ardırınlı, the Turkish market is growing by about 10% every year. Ardırınlı said: This increases his interest in sports and outdoor activities. This demand is expected to continue to grow. Around the world and in Turkey, we observe a permanent change in people’s lifestyles and an increasing share of sports in their lives. In parallel, sports retail has shown high growth rates compared to other sectors.

Acquisition of license, start of production

In fact, many big sports brands are looking for ways to produce in Turkey. Olgar’s attempts on this subject are the best proof of this. Ardırınlı said: Also, the billabong brand has joined this group, making it a billabong producer in Turkey. We are producing Merrell branded textiles in Turkey for the summer season 2022. In the summer of 2023, we will become the licensor of the Jack Wolfskin brand and once again produce textiles in Turkey. Jack Wolfskin sees Turkey as a strategic country, which is why he gives Turkey a production license for the first time. They wanted to grow in Turkey and decided to issue a license considering their advantages. In 2024, we plan to obtain another leading brand textile production license. ”

Shoes can also go into production

Barış Ardırınlı notes that the shoe theme is particularly important in terms of the transfer of know-how. Ardırınlı said: The main reasons for this are due to import problems from the Far East, political tensions, global polarization, especially the pandemic, and such factors count. In particular, Europe is currently moving towards diversifying supply points and reducing risks. It is understood that logistics costs will not come down in the short term, and in parallel Turkey has significant opportunities thanks to its cost advantage and production capacity. So far the textile aspect has been taken into account, but some brands are visiting us to invest in the production of shoes in Turkey. Produced in Turkey to suit your needs. The Turkish market alone is not enough. In such a business plan, Turkey therefore stands to be a very solid alternative to the Far East, thanks to its proximity to both its neighbors and Europe, its customs union and its cost advantages. ”

Wolfest 2022 August 19-21

Meanwhile, Urfest 2022, the first international festival of ‘outdoors, camping, nature, sports and music’, will take place in Turkey. Sponsored by Jack Wolfskin, Wolfest 2022 will take place August 19-21 at Kocaelikandula Seirek Beach in collaboration with SPX and his Evre. I miss such an international festival… A festival is not just about creating an entertainment environment. It offers huge potential for domestic and foreign brands and, of course, the economy. Currently going to festivals in European countries such as Hungary and Bulgaria. Most of the festivals have collaborations with international brands as well as national brands. By preventing such market-oriented activities for brands and the masses, it is impossible to get anywhere, at least on the scale of economic reality.