25.4 million lira fine at exorbitant price

The Unfair Price Evaluation Commission has decided to fine 896 companies that have been evaluated as exorbitantly priced in many product categories, especially basic foods, with a fine of 25,448,428 lira.

The Unfair Price Evaluation Board is responsible for the exorbitant prices of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, within the scope of efforts to prevent unfair and anti-competitive activities that cause market turmoil during the pandemic process. Established to prevent ascent and stockpiling practices and to make administrative decisions Fines as needed.

The composition, obligations and authority of the board, as well as the procedures and principles for oversight of exorbitant price increases and inventory practices, and the implementation of administrative fines were determined by the rules of the Unfair Price Evaluation Committee enacted in. May 28, 2020.

Audits were conducted in 81 states

Within the scope of its activities against unfair prices and stockpiles, market, market and wholesaler basic food and consumer product inspections were conducted in 81 states last year following complaints from the Local Trade Department, especially in large cities. It was carried out. About exorbitant price increases to the ministry.

During the inspection, we found a price-increasing product that did not match the supply and demand balance, and requested the inspection target company for necessary information and documents such as product purchase and sales invoices. The company’s defense and the information provided was submitted to the Unfair Price Evaluation Committee for evaluation.

Penalty limit increased to 2 million lira

A 13-member board of directors has imposed penalties on companies that have found their prices to rise exorbitantly.

Due to legislative changes to increase the effectiveness of penalties in the fight against stockpiles and ensure deterrence, the lower and upper limits of fines imposed on those engaged in market-tightening activities will upset the market balance. Free competition, and preventing consumers from reaching the goods, has been redefined.

Along with this, the lower limit of 50,000 lira was raised to 100,000 lira, and the upper limit of 500,000 lira was raised to 2 million lira.

Last year’s chain market audit gave weight

Following complaints filed with the Ministry about the chain market, especially the exorbitant price increases of basic foods and necessities, inspectors are operating nationwide and the chain market with the widest branch network is the law of sales. We have begun a survey to determine if we have raised outside prices for products determined in 2021.

We examined the prices of legumes, oils, meats and meat products, milk and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and cleaning agents.

Extra charge penalty applicable to 896 companies

In addition, a complaint from the ministry about an exorbitant price increase in the fourth quarter of 2021 led the State Trade Departments of 81 states to carry out unfair price inspections. In this regard, unfair price inspections conducted simultaneously in 81 states examined a total of 14,000 181 companies and 101,338 products.

Since its inception, the Board has held a total of 17 meetings. At these meetings, it was decided to fine 896 companies with a fine of 25,448,428 lira, which are believed to have increased exorbitant prices in many product categories such as surgical masks, disinfectants and health protection products. .. Basic ingredients such as beans and vegetables.

Car dealers have been finalized for inventory

Following the president’s decision to reduce the price of zero-kilometer vehicles, audits were initiated based on complaints received by the ministry. As a result of discussions on inspection results by the Unfair Price Evaluation Committee, a fine of 545,550 lira, which is the upper limit of fines, was given to car dealers because of inventory.