24 dead dolphins were launched on the shore

Gürkan Gazoğlu, who left behind stray animals for food, traversing between Eyüpsultan ו

Surprised by what he saw, Gazoul informed the gendarmerie and Coast Guard teams.

Surprised by the sight he didn’t understand, Gürkan Gazoğlu first checked to see if the dolphins were alive. Upon receiving the notification, the gendarmerie who came to the scene took the dead dolphins washed up on the shore to the laboratory and investigated them.

“24 dead dolphins in a week”

Surprised by the scene of feeding stray animals, Gulkan Gazoul said: I came here as a result of reports when feeding animals. I recently counted 21 dolphins, and when I went out with you today, I found that they were 22, 23, 24 and so on. There are too many dolphins on the coastline. As you can see in this figure, most of them are launched to the shore, why? I reported this to other dolphins in the last line, but when I come back today, I’m looking for dolphins on the coastline like this. I’m scanning so I can get rid of them when I see them alive, but unfortunately I think they’ll be washed away at night. The wolf is coming down. If you are hungry for wolves and other animals that live in nature, you will be torn because you are hungry. It’s just a situation, I’m sorry, “he said.

“Need to consider”

Keeping in mind that this issue requires urgent intervention, Gazoğlu states: “The authorities involved in this issue need to intervene urgently, because when you look at the line from Karabrun to the tree limit below, Karabrun doesn’t hit the beach much, especially on this line.” Why are they? You really need to understand if it was a hit, “he said.

“Are there any chemicals in water?”

Recognizing that authorities need to investigate whether there were chemical deaths at sea after Russia attacked Ukraine, Gazoul said: I wonder if something happened, they died there, they were washed away like this. Of course, the authorities will solve it. However, one of them was necropsied. As a notice, we will inform you of the position of the military police. If necessary, notify the Coast Guard and ask them to search the land completely. These animals are not normal fish. A very powerful being who understands you. I think the situation was one of the longest we’ve seen, 2 meters and 15 centimeters, and the other 1.5 meters. Others, as well as 1.5 meters, are estimated to have died at this point. The Coast Guard or gendarmerie needs to move off the sea line because the points are too big. We are already traveling. I will report if I find it, but unfortunately, when I looked around, the garbage from the Black Sea Line also destroyed the sea, “he said.

Investigations reveal the exact cause of death for 24 dolphins 1-2 meters long and 15 centimeters long.

TUDAV: 80 dolphins died as a result of stroking

The Turkish Ocean Research Foundation (TÜDAV) has announced an unusual increase in lark-type dolphin mortality since the last week of February, especially on the western coast of the Black Sea in Turkey. “The worm was accidentally caught in a net and determined to have died as a result of fishing interactions,” in a statement stating that the deaths of 80 dolphins had reached the Foundation so far. increase.

Finally, TUDAV issued a statement after many dead dolphins were washed ashore from the Black Sea to Eyupsultan. The statement emphasized an unusual increase in dolphin (Delphinus delphis) mortality over the past month, especially on the western coast of the Black Sea in Turkey. TUDAV announced that it was determined that the dolphin had died as a result of accidentally catching on a net and fishing, and provided the following information.

“The process started in the last week of February was over 80 people, reports were sent to the Landing Marine Mammals Communication Network and the records were reflected in the media. The beach where the dead were seen is from west to east. Ormanlı, Akpınar, Ağaçlı, Kısırkaya, Kilyos, Rumeli Lighthouse, Bosphorus, Kilyos., Sahilköy, Alacalı, Şile, Karasu, Zonguldak, Sinop, the West Black Sea coast of Turkey. It was determined that the cause of death was drowning in the nets due to fishery interactions. It is not yet clear why they were concentrated in this area at this time of the year compared to the previous year. Accidental nets. The incidence of capture is very high and investigations are underway. Due to climate effects, abnormal ship traffic, fish movement, and / or severe underwater / water surface, rugs have landed on safe coasts south. Possible Northern Military Activities Marine Mammal Testing The common fishing methods for sludge are purse seine and mid-tier trawl nets for small pelagic fish.

In a TUDAV statement, until April 15, when the fishing ban begins, all fishermen will take the utmost care to reduce interaction with protected rugs, especially to soak cork collars and remove dolphins from nets. I was asked to pay attention. When dolphins are seen in the net during purse fishing. In addition, the Coast Guard and provincial officials have called for increased inspection activities in the area.

Source: UAV