“2022 Academic Science, Arts and Sports Awards” Found Owner

The “2022 Academic Science, Art and Sports Awards” ceremony was held by the Erzincan Cultural Education Foundation (EKEV) and the University of Erzincan Vinariyurdrum.
Professor Dr. City Protocol, university administration, representatives of public institutions and organizations, scholars and guests participated in the program held at the Erdoğan Büyükkasap Congress and Culture Center.
In his speech, President Sadik Akka of the Erzincan Foundation for Cultural Education (EKEV) gave the opening speech at the ceremony, which began with a silent prayer and national anthem. He said his support for Erzincan in the fields of culture and education would continue, and President Ağca congratulated all the award-winning scholars in the Academic Science Publications.
Saim Bahadır, Chairman of the Erzincan Association of Industrialists and Businessmen (ERS0054AD), talked about the establishment of ERS0054AD and mentioned the obligations of ERSSTRUCTAD. President Bahadır said EKEV is also an important institution and hoped that the academic awards ceremony would bring congratulations to all the winners.
In his speech, Dr. Akın Levent, Ph.D., emphasized that EKEV made a significant contribution to the university, one of which was organized to encourage successful scientists and nurture young scientists and artists. He said it was the award ceremony for the Academy Science and Arts Awards.
President Levent: “As the University of Erzincan Vinari Jurdurum, we are moving towards our goal of becoming a university in the world. EKEV is a stakeholder and interest in the development of qualified individuals. The other Foundation stakeholders, the Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University Foundation and EKEV, have contributed to our university and Can Erzincan on the projects they have done or worked with. will be grateful to.”
Mayor Bekir Axson, who gave a speech on the program, noted that EKEV has made significant contributions to Erzincan and the university, congratulates all award-winning scholars and wishes them continued success.
After the speech, one of the faculty members of the Faculty of Education, Department of Music Education, Ph.D. He is an instructor member Levent Ünlü and a lecturer. The music concert was held by his officer 0054lhan Akdeniz. After the concert, the awards were given to the winners in the fields of basic science, engineering and architecture, health science, social science, and sports science, and the special judge award was given.
Sadık Ağca, President of ERS0054AD, who gave a speech at the award ceremony, announced that he will donate 5,000 to the award-winning scientists as ERSSTRUCTAD.
After the award ceremony, the president professor. Dr. Akın Levent thanked Saim Bahadır for his support by giving a plaque for his contribution to EKEV President Sadık Ağca.
“Award-winning names according to field”
Basic Science: Professor Dr. Engin Ozkan Professor Dr. Bulent Caglar, Assoc.Dr. Ahmet Artei
Engineering architecture: Assoc.Dr. Yunus Babakan
Health Science: Professor. Dr. Halis Süleyman, Assoc. Dr. Cuneyt Turkes, Ph.D. Instructor member Gülce Naz Yazıcı
Social science: Assoc. Dr. Müge Manga, Assoc.Dr. Ozkandas Demir
Sports Science: Ph.D. Instructor member Duygu Sevinç Yılmaz
Special Jury Prize: Wael Haziafmad

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