$ 2,000 a day!Ukraine formed an army from the Foreign Legion

Ukraine, occupied by Russia, is looking for a solution to fight its far behind enemies as a military force. Countries seeking Western support for ammunition and sanctions have made another call to the world. The government, which invited mercenaries from various countries, announced that if these people participated in the war, they would be paid $ 2,000 a day. Ukrainian side …

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As the 14th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine has begun to pass, there is silence compared to the previous day due to the temporary ceasefire announced for the evacuation of civilians.

The two parties continue to seek solutions at the diplomatic table, but the Ukrainian government is preparing for a violent attack that will resume after the ceasefire.

The great imbalance in military power between Russia and Ukraine was a problem that experts had focused on even before the war began. Russia, which has a great advantage in air raid vehicles, is numerically superior to Ukraine in the Army. Meanwhile, the Kyiv administration has opened a completely different door to the world to overcome this inequality.

ZELENSK makes a call

Announced by the government and supported by Zelensky’s own call, this initiative is a new corps of volunteer mercenaries from different countries. That is, Ukraine has an informal Second Army.

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To this end, an official website has been established under state control, and by following certain procedures on this site, qualified candidates are encouraged to go to Ukraine and join forces with the military. Candidates will also be offered a $ 2,000 daily fee for this role.

In particular, people from Britain, the United States, and European countries who opposed the Russian occupation, had Ukrainian roots, or had previous military service experience could not answer this call. Apart from the government-established websites, some private companies have also begun to buy Legionella, and their advertisements have begun to be broadcast on the Internet abroad.

“Confront investors”

Ukrainian President Zelensky “We expect everyone to join the Defense Forces established for the security of Europe. Anyone who wants can fight alongside the Ukrainians and confront the invaders of the 21st century. . “ He used his own words.

$ 2,000 a day Ukraine formed an army from the Foreign Legion

Zelensky’s call is also on the homepage

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https://fightforua.org/ Zelensky’s impressive call is also included on the official website of the address. In addition to photos of Ukrainian soldiers, application requirements and steps to follow are also shared on the site one by one.

$ 2,000 a day Ukraine formed an army from the Foreign Legion

Ukrainian A photo of a soldier taken in front decorate

All information is available on the website

It was announced that the obligation to report credit cards was lifted on the site, but full support was given to those who came and it was stated that the war in which they participated in Ukraine would add a “significant” experience. To them.

$ 2,000 a day Ukraine formed an army from the Foreign Legion

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Among the steps to be followed, volunteers must first apply to their Ukrainian embassy and complete the necessary procedures. After this step, legionaries asked to provide a list of the equipment they request are directed to Ukraine for safe passage with the documents they have collected.

The countries in which people can join Legionella’s groups are defined in detail, both on the list and on the map.

$ 2,000 a day Ukraine formed an army from the Foreign Legion

Foreign soldiers have already begun to pose on the front lines …

According to the latest statement on this issue, at least 20,000 people from 52 countries around the world have already gone to Ukraine to participate in the war and are already at the forefront.

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