20 million TL non-refundable support for vehicle charging stations

Non-refundable support is provided for investments in electric vehicle charging stations, up to 75% of investment costs, and up to 20 million TL. Operating expense support does not apply to these projects.

In this regard, the three-year limit, which is not sold, rented, or transferred using the Support Program, applies for one year, subject to location and purpose of use. The machinery and equipment have not changed.

The Ministry of Industry and Technology’s regulations, which change the regulations of the technology product investment support program, were published in today’s official bulletin.

Supports up to 10 million TL for investment in other technology products

In this context, investment in production related to technological products emerging as a result of industry-oriented R & D and innovation projects supported by public institutions and organizations, foundations or international funds is in the regional technological development zone. Investing in production related to emerging technology products, investing in production related to technology products resulting from R & D activities in public research infrastructure, and using production stocks related to technology products patented or approved by TUBITAK. Up to 60% of the R & D activity project costs and non-refundable support of up to 10 million TL will be provided to the investment.

If requested by the company, in return for collateral, you can pay up to 25 percent of the amount of support defined within the scope of mechanical equipment support. Due to regulations, software costs for machinery and equipment are also included in the scope of support.

The maximum support period for investment projects that support machinery and equipment is 36 months from the date of contract between the Ministry of Industry and companies. If appropriate, an additional period of up to 6 months may be granted only once.

Ministry can ask for help

Therefore, if the technical product to be invested is the first to be targeted for domestic production, or if the current production is significantly insufficient to meet the needs of the domestic market, the Ministry of Industry.

Supports application calls. It aims to support investment projects for products or services offered by investors in the technical sector determined by the Ministry, or related to investment targets for which the Ministry has determined location, capabilities and technical characteristics. There may be cases. Meet the needs of a sector, region, or country. The ministry can obtain a performance guarantee of up to 6 percent of the amount of support from the investor who signs the contract.

The ministry is empowered to determine on request and distinguish accordingly, provided that the percentage of machinery and equipment support provided to the investment project or the upper limit of support remains within the above limits. .. To the criteria determined for the call.

The amount requested by the investor can be applied as the support amount at the discretion of the Evaluation Committee as long as it is within the support rate and support limit set in the call announcement.

The Directorate General of Technology is empowered to apply the sanctions determined in the contract or to reduce or reset the support rate and amount if the contract is terminated and the investment is not completed according to the purpose of the phone.